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January 07, 2009


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Nathalie (famille1999)

That might very well be what I need to jump start my creativity. Thanks for the challenge! =)


Congrats Jennifer! :)


Love this simple scheme!
Hopefully I can get in gear and take part! :-)

And congrats Jennifer on the last challenge!

Jennifer Larson

Wow! Thanks!

Jennifer Larson

Whoops, I'm Buffy fan.


i did this one for the call. i love mel's design! she really hit this one out of the park.,com_zoom/Itemid,28/page,viewproj/catid,28531/


I did my LO tonight but I'm having trouble uploading to the gallery :( I get right through to where I select the image to upload. I select the file from my computer and click on the submit button or whatever it's called and it does nothing. The filename just disappears and the cursor sits at the start of the box again waiting for me to select the image from my computer.

I've tried over and over again but I can't get any further and it won't upload anything :(

Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong - this is my first time using the gallery and joining in...

Cheers Paula


Well I went to upload mine and I seem to be having the same problem as Paula above.

It's never done it to me before so hopefully it's just a Friday glitch ?

I'll try tomorrow and hopefully I'll have more luck !


I had a bit of a look around the message board and found it seems to be a common problem with Internet Explorer, so I downloaded Firefox and tried again.

My LO uploaded fine first time using the Firefox Browser - I hope I've named everything correctly :-P


Still no luck for me,just won't accept the file.

Megan Renfree

Uploaded mine. Hopefully it turns up as it should :o)


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