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December 19, 2008


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I love that you had Ryan take photos. We have a little family photo challenge each month. In November all 5 of our grandchildren (ages 4-15) participated and I am planning an album of their entries. It is amazing how the world looks through 'little' eyes.


Thank you for hosting, was fun!
Merry Christmas, Ryan is going to LOVE the camera :)

Aly D

wonderful album...he'll love it! great idea for a christmas present.

Stephanie Howell

What a cool concept. My oldest has yet to take her first photograph, and when she does, I will be sure to document it. Thanks for the ideas and for such a wonderful week at the blog. Merry Christmas!


That is so fantastic! This post inspired me to do the same thing when I have children... hopefully sometime relatively soon! I love photos, and scrapbooking to preserve the memories forever. I actually just finished two "thank you" scrapbooks for my sister and best friend, for being bridesmaids/MOH at my wedding. I will definitely be getting my little one a camera and album of his/her own whenever he or she comes along! Thank you!


This year I did the same thing with my 5 yr old (now 6) daughter, Zoe. She kept asking to borrow the camera, so finally we just got her a disposable with 24 shots. I developed 2 sets (in case they turned out spectacularly). Turns out, Zoe is a pretty great photographer! I've kept a selection of shots that I plan into turning into pages every so often - Pictures Taken by Zoe at 5, at 6, etc. It'll be hilarious to look at these pages later to see what her interests were.

elizabeth rosemond

What a fantastic idea - he will love being able to look through it as he gets older! I have to agree that this was one of the BEST SS Special Issues ever ;)

Leanne Stamatellos

Very good idea - wish I had done it for my boys - they've taken some fun little photos - never too late though I guess!

Merry Xmas to you and your family and thanks for hosting the blog!

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