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December 01, 2008


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Katie Scott

:) great idea :) we did the elf yourself and laughed our heads off, the kids made me play it over and over and over and over! and we laughed everytime :)


Congratulations to my buddy, Ruth! :D

And yes, a list... of things that make me laugh, no less. I love lists, and I love love LOVE this challenge. I hope I can find time to play along.

Jennifer McGuire

Hi, Lain. I like lists too. I will have to try this fun challenge.

So cool that you are hosting the Studio blog!

emily pitts

i take pictures of funny signs too. we went on a boat ride to see the whales one year, there was a sign that said, "sick over the sides please," or something like that. i'll have to find the picture :)

Buffy fan

I just made my list--such a lot of fun! I can't wait to scrap it. Thanks for the welcome inspiration.


Glad you are here friend! Love that puppy pic and those cute Ehmann kids! What exactly is a hollow sidewalk anyway?

Ann Grounds

Okay not going to have time to make the layout so here's my list!!

The top 5 things that make me LOL or ROFL are:

5. Elf yourself--how funny is that!!
4. My 11 yr old son's "dance" moves (think John Travolta's Pose from SNF) while dressed in his jazz band performance uniform black dress pant and white shirt
3. You, my friend--you crack me up
2. Funny things my daughter says-"Old ladies must like poodles." Why? "Because they both have curly white hair."
1. Dinner time-98% of the time we eat at the kitchen table together as a family and there is something said or done that cracks us all up!



I posted this comment on the puppy one by makes a little more sense over here...LOL! :P

Yay! You forgot to mention that I make you ROFLOL. :P I'm so excited for you - it sounds like you have so many awesome new things going on right now! I'm going to try to get a layout scrapped for this!!! Awesome idea! :)

Miss Niki

Putting on my thinking cap. I am in the process of making an album about ME so I think this will be a perfect page to add! I am off to our monthly crop on Saturday so I will tackle this on Sat. Thanks for the challenge, Lain! You're the Best! Miss Niki


I posted mine but I have no clue if I did the whole naming this right... Here's the link to the gallery:


Oh cool..........I completely missed the last line of that post.
Thanks a lot :)

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