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December 09, 2008


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Ooh-I love the clear button idea & the Miss M layout! & I had a very similar experience w/an 80's snap shirt. I had completely forgotten about that-must have blocked it out of my memory :p.

Stephanie Howell

can't wait to see the article, it's my first time being published in Simple! =)
love your layouts...make me want to break out the buttons!


I loved that issue and your layouts, Margaret! I LOVE me some buttons! I need to bust them out and get going on this challenge! Thanks for the inspiration!! :)


Great ideas for buttons, my second most favorite embellishment!

Buffy fan

Wow, do I love what you did with the buttons on that Sweet LO!


I love buttons too! Your ideas are so cute and adorable! I love the idea of making a felt flower mixed with paper and a button! Clever!

katie scott

I am a little late but I'm posting my "Baby Buttons" page now - love the paper on the back of clear buttons idea!!!

katie scott

ok i still can't get the pictures up to the gallery, but I'm going to post them on my blog :) thanks for the challenge - this one was perfect for my little girl's doll's name "Baby Buttons"

Term Papers

Awesome. It is amazing how some people come up with cool ideas.

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