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November 21, 2008


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Aly D

these are just adorable! what a wonderful gift idea.

Angie Lucas

GREAT idea! Very fun. :-)


What a cute idea! Thanks for sharing with us!!


Pretty! What a great idea.

emily pitts

oh that is sooooo cute! i have been printing off patterns like this lately, what a great idea to make a sachet. (and to print ON your intended papers...i didn't think of that...)


kinda looks like weed

wich would make it even awesomer

share the love


oh wow, this is brilliant !! Thanks for sharing the tutorial, I found my way through One Pretty Thing. :)


These are lovely! Can't wait to try!


What a great idea, I so wish I found this earlier in time for Christmas stuffies. Found you featured on Tipnut, congratulations!

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Great idea. I think these would make a great end of the school year gift for the teachers I work with. Thank you so much for the idea!

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What a interesting idea for gift.

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Jyoti K

Hi. I'm a high school student and I, after looking at this project, really want to ask you if you could be my mentor for a school project. I'm trying to put together a whole arrangement of "how-to-do" simple crafts and thought you must be an expert on doing just that. Please write back soon...

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Dianne Petrich

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