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November 04, 2008


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emily pitts

oh cute :) can't wait to see this issue!

Jennifer McGuire

Can't wait to get my hands on this special issue!


Your style is ever so perfect!
I have never done an album of any kind, so it will be a miracle to actually pull off this challenge.
And congrats to Barb!!! :)


Hey, thanks! I had fun with last week's challenge. :)
And congrats to you on voting... it's a HUGE thing.

As for the photo album challenge, I'll have to look for some divided pages that fit into my album... or something. Could be tricky. The special issue looks AWESOME though.


I'm sure I'm going to have to get this special album. Love the idea.


it really does look nice and sweet how simple you made it out to be. I'll have to pass on your challenge though as I don't have the money to go out and buy divided page protectors...for that matter I don't have the money to buy even regular protectors..but oh well..that's my life! :)


I have been looking for page protectors where you can place both horizontal and vertical on one page and it looks like that is what you used can you tell me where you got them?
thanks so much


I have a question...I'm looking into buying one of those fancy photography lights and since I live in the midwest and can't take photographs outdoors year round I need another source of light. (like when it's cloudy, dark walls, bad lighting, etc.) Any suggestions? Love this idea! I'm working on mine, it's so fun and easy!! :) Just need to find page protectors...


I am happy with the election results. I don't live in america but it affects us greatly. Good time for good changes. The book looks great... have added to my christmas wish list. Now to make hubby take note..... ;)

Katie Scott

My "People We Love" Category drawers are quite full - I easily have 3 or 4 thousand pictures of people who aren't in our immediate family. SO I took some (ok a whole lot) of 8.5 x 11 page protectors with 4 - 3.5 x 5 sleeves on each page - and I'm going to make a super huge notebook / scrapbook of People We Love. It will start out with categories like Family, Friends, School and Work Friends for pictures that include more than one person and the second part of the book will be an A-Z of people we love - kind of like a Who's Who. I'm still in the cropping and sliding pictures in phase but hopefully by Sunday I'll have a good handle on this project & I'll post some pictures. I'm seriously going to get at least 500 pictures in this super cool book that I know everyone is going to love - My son already has requested to look at it several times and its not even done yet :) Thanks for the challenge / idea!


i totally took the idea of scrapbooking a series of photos into a photo album and ran with it - and i have to say, i love it.

such a great way to clear the photo clutter, use up some of those "someday" supplies, and get an entire album done in one evening. (pics posted on my blog)

and yes, it actually took me just one evening to complete!

(well, minus journaling, which i'll do this weekend. still.)

can't wait for the newest edition of the mag to hit stands so i can get some more ideas - i've got several more groups of photos that could stand to be fast-scrapped in this way!


This is so cool. I remember the old one- it'll be nice to have an updated version!

Megan Renfree

I loved this challenge. It is the quickest layout I have done in ages, and the first double in I don't know how long!! Am uploading to the gallery today. THanks!!

becky olsen

Seriously, this concept is terrific, and I can't wait to see this issue!!!
Thanks for always making it simple!

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