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November 17, 2008


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Hi Kim!
Nice to "meet" you :)
I have no clue what that is. lol


HI Kim,
It looks like potpourri to me.



Hi Kim! I hate dusting too! lol OK, my guess is a tumbleweed that has dried up and been crushed! :)

Katie Scott

I'm going to guess some kind of bird feed.


Ummmm...I'm not being original, but my first thought was potpourri as well.

(LOL...tumbleweed. That's great!)

Jennifer McGuire

Hi, Kim. It looks like bird food to me too, but I'm not sure about that big branchy stuff. You are a busy woman! Dusting doesn't make me smile either!


Hi Kim! :)
Nice to meet you! You have a beautiful family. I hate dusting, too. ;) Oh, and I was going to see some type of bird or animal grub. LOL.

Rachael Emmertson

Kim! It is just downright cool to see you online. Dusting is not my thing either and I look for any excuse to procrastinate it. Like the other day, I ate some chocolate and forgot *all* about the dusting.

As far as the mystery stuff? It almost looks like juniper. Or perhaps it's just pretty compost. *ewwww* It does not look appetizing, that's for sure.

Buffy fan

Ummm...compost? Please let it not be compost. : - )


I have no clue what the stuff is, but HI KIM!! :)

Aly D

Hi Kim. Look forward to your posts this week. It looks like some type of potpourri that might get stuffed into a scrappy sachet??


either bird food or a compost pile?

Leanne Stamatellos

Welcome Kim to the blog - look forward to your posts and thanks for sharing a photo of your beautiful family.

mmm... I think I can see snail bait - heheheh - am I warm ?


I think it looks like seeds of some sort.

Linda Barber

Hi Kim! Happy to see you hosting the blog this week.

Uhm... I was going to say birdfeed, but those leafy things look a lot like dried seaweed to me. I don't think birds eat seaweed, do they? ;) Dried leaves, maybe? Are you guys raising worms? LOL!

Susanne N.

It looks like potpourri that you would use to fill a sachet with. Am I right?


hmmm, it looks like lavender? mixed with something else. ooo, I can almost smell it! I just adore lavender (and chocolate).


it looks like potpurie.... not sure bout the big bits in there though!!! maybe some kind of dried seaweed???

huh dusting smusting - hate the thing too!!!


Looks like leaves, acorns, bark, maybe yard rakings?

alexandra s.m.


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