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November 30, 2008


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Looking forward to some puppy layouts. He's so darn cute!!

Leanne Stamatellos

Welcome to the SS blog - your sweet little puppy is just adorable - no wonder you love him so much. Best wishes on your new book - you must be so excited.


Frank is such a cutie pie, Lain! Love him! :) Looking forward to those doggie layouts! ;) Congrats again on the book!!!

Nathalie (famille1999)

What a cutie! I won't say that mine are cuter but they are pretty darn cute too. I'll try to post a pic in the gallery. :)

emily pitts

hey lain :) congrats on the new book and pup!


Yay, Lain's here! Congrats on the book! It looks awesome. I've asked Santa for it, but I've also special ordered it from my LSS, just in case. ;) Congrats on the puppy!


You asked for it-it's posted!


Hi Lain...

Coming from a new puppy owner (since end of July) get go insane ;-) Someone told me prior that it would be like having a newborn..should have listened! Frank is so cute ...The layouts/minis I have been doing are just adapted to puppy! BTW So need you to do LOAD again...


Yay! You forgot to mention that I make you ROFLOL. :P I'm so excited for you - it sounds like you have so many awesome new things going on right now! I'm going to try to get a layout scrapped for this!!! Awesome idea! :)

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