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October 01, 2008


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Congratulations on your new home! :)
What I loved most about the Simple Blog in the past were the challenges... I found they provided a great source of inspiration, and I had fun scrapping and sharing with other simple scrappers here. And it was very cool to see how different people interpreted the same challenge in different ways.


YEAH! I love the simple blog! Welcome to your new home, it's so clean and organized over here! I look forward to reading the posts below.

I love challenges and giveaways and inspiration. Tie those all together and put them on here and you've got a winner!

I also like how you had a person take on hosting the blog for a week. Each guest brought their own style and personality to the table and I had fun getting to know everyone!


My favorite thing about the simple studio blog is the different guest hosts (seems to be a popular answer!) It's nice to see each person's ideas and techniques...just more of the great stuff I love about the magazine!

Karen F.

I love when you have guest hosts . . . and I love when you have technique and/or color challenges . . . . and I love when you post inspiring layouts from the gallery . . . and I love when we get "insider" information . . . oh pooey . . . I just love it all!!!

tara pollard pakosta

I love SIMPLE!
I love different techiniques, sketches, challenges. especially using 3 things challenges!
can't wait to see what happens here!


yay for a new blog!
i just want to keep seeing more cool ideas. :)


New blog = awesome :)
I'd love to see lots of inspiration, sketches, and challenges!

Jennifer Larson

I love Simple too! And I'm excited to see the Studio back. I loved challenges too, as well as design pointers. I still remember the how-to-design-a-two-page-LO tips. Very helpful.


Yeah -- I love Simple blog and the last couple months I have missed it. I really like challenges -- both single pages/double pages and mini projects. I am always looking for new ideas for photos I seem to take often -- playing outside, art time, school stuff, the park, the zoo etc. Any help or hints here would be great! :)


Yay, it is great to see this fresh new blog and I look forward to checking in often. I was thinking of you today,Wendy cause I am having gall bladder surgery tomorrow and I know you did the same a couple of months ago and it seemed you were up and about quickly and I plan to follow your example! LOL
Nice blog........Donna

Jessica C

Congratulations! This is going to be so much easier to follow than the old posts on the Beta site. Love it!
(And I think my favorite part of the old Studio blog were all the challenges.) :)


I too loved the challenges and the guest hosts...
would it be possible to combine the two? Perhaps a simple reader as a guest host for a day or two? Or a simple reader turns the tables on YOU and asks you questions? :) Hmmmm...?:D

Andrea F.

I'm still pretty new to scrapbooking so I'd love to see some simple tips, tricks, and techniques to add more "umph" to my pages :)


The new blog looks great! Simple Studio was one of my favorite places to visit on the "old site", and I really like it's new look! Having guest designers as hosts and learning from them is fun. Look forward to checking back often. Thanks! : )


yay! So happy to be able to subscribe to the blog now. Challenges, new products, and guest designers - can't wait!


Great to see the new blog! It looks awesome.

I would love to see more challenges, love guest hosts and of course giveaways are always a bonus even though I never win!!!


So happy Simple is back!!!

I love to see focus on photos, whether its technique in taking better ones of daily events or how to make them be the showcase of the layout, photos and memories are what we are really here to capture, so tips on that are always welcome!

can't wait to see whats in store here!


I'm so happy to have the "NEW" blog ... checking out favorite blog sites jumpstarts my day! I like challenges, sketches, guests, card ideas (especially to use up scraps), and seeing what's new in scrapbooking. Thanks for a new "favorite" blog!


oh, i just love this new simple blog! i'd also love to see more photography challenges/tips/tricks.


I am a big "Simple" fan, so anything you blog will inspire me! I love to see new people's designs as everyone has a different style. :)

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