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October 29, 2008


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Emilie Ahern


Your layouts, as always, are completely inspiring. And I adore Miss Viola Swamp...I remember watching the saturday morning short Miss Nelson is Missing as a child. Good Times.

Thanks for the journaling inspiration and the amazing projects to back it up.

Rock ON Sister!


When I read your journaling I feel like I am reading my own (if I would actually write it down). You inspire me so much. Thank you.
PS. I LOVED Ed and Rome!


You are so full of good ideas and talent and creativity and cute cute kids! Love this post Elizabeth! :)


i totally forgot about viola swamp! and thanks for reminding me of the quizzes book-i have been meaning to get that out for a while now!


Love your words. :)

Leanne Stamatellos

Thanks Elizabeth for sharing these great ideas - love the last layout especially - migth need to do one of these.
Leanne Stamatellos

emily pitts

i cohost a journaling challenge blog and it has really helped me find interesting ways to record my stories. we just did a recap of the last 2 years of challenges and it was fun to go back and find favorite strategies. i have used your almanac as jumping off points for a number of my journaling pages. i really like having a lot of ways to journal, it makes the creating process more fun. thanks for some more ideas.

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