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October 28, 2008


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Katie Scott

The journaling on that one is so funny! I have a ton of heritage photos and they are intimidating - maybe I'll take the challenge & make a page. :)

emily pitts

yay for jody winning the challenge! :) and hopefully i can make time to do this week's!


Woooohooo! Congratulations to Jody for winning last week's challenge. :D
As for this week's challenge... it's going to be VERY challenging for me. Yikes. I'm really hoping I'll have time to play. I know I have some GREAT photos to work with.


yea.. lots to think about and process.
I love the idea that you wonder where she went for quiet (or girlfriend time).


I don't have many heritage photos yet (my parents still have most of them) but am hoping to inherit some of them someday. Lots of good ideas to think about. Thanks.


oooh, my mom will be so grateful to you for this challenge. she is so waiting for our hobbies (genealogy and scrapbooking) to intersect!
and congrats Jody!

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