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October 30, 2008


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i just read the alphabet series blog & love the ideas! It would be fun to connect this with a photo-a-day series--please let us know your thoughts on this type of project. (You always have such great ideas)


ok, besides that, old craft books (really old, 50's and 60's), the outside world, poetry, and moments (I know, what is THAT?, I mean those snapshots of time that while happening make me say "I need to remember this.").
Is that run-on long enough? ;)


I love for great quote and type inspiration. Thanks for this post; I've had in draft a post all week about everything around me that I'm discovering and this gave me to push to just get it done this morning:)

alexandra s.m.

WHAT IS INSPIRING ME IS THAT VERY SAME NEW LINE "uRBAN pRAIRIE" BY bASIC gREY. i just posted my l.o showcasing it in the gallery:

emily pitts

storyCorp is my favorite time of the day. it comes on at 8:28 a.m. on friday morning. i switched my carpooling schedule so i could drive the girls to school on friday morning because of it. i drop them off at middle school, turn onto the main road, and then it starts. the car is quiet and i get to drive the 3 minutes home listening to stories from all over. 9 times out of 10 i drive into my driveway with a tear in my eye.

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