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October 27, 2008


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Linda Barber

Hey E! Adorable gratuitous photo. :)


Love the picture and so excited to see what you have in store for us as guest blogger!


My that is the cutest little bee I've ever seen! Except for my little bee this Halloween, that is.

& I had no idea Dr Pepper had no dot. Weird.



Hi Elizabeth!
Can't wait for your week to really start!
So looking forward to it :)
Your Bee's face is the sweetest!


Love the photo.. I did not have a C3P0 mask as I was not allowed to see Star Wars. boo.
But I did have a strange rigid plastic mask of a hobo smoking a cigar, don't see kids wearing those now a'days do ya? :)


I love the bee photo. And I loved the rest of your post. Confession... after I was done reading your post, I went to to look for your book. It's not there. So I'm going to e-mail my LSS owner to see if she can special order it in for me. Oops, didn't mean to sound stalker-ish. Sorry. ;)

Andrea F.

Before we got orders to Texas I said I would NEVER live in Texas. Now we have a lovely home with lots of great friends and neighbors and plenty of fun activities nearby.

I'll see if I can track down my pregnant witch holding a toddler dressed as a turtle photo ;)


I remember having a Barbie costume with the plastic-y mask and stretchy band around your head. It was not so fun or easy to breathe. :)
Hope you have a great week Elizabeth.


Look at the little grin - too cute!

The first Halloween photo that comes to mind is the one that is cut (by hand mind you) in a circle-ish shape and jammed into one of those old collagey, multi-photo frame thingies. Ugly, but a memories a memory!

Before I would get dressed up and go bar-hopping with buddies for Halloween. Now the kids get dressed up (and I get BUNDLED up) and we add a little something special to the hot cocoa for the adults to sip while trick-or-treating. :)


Yay! Good to see you here Elizabeth :) You crack me up - and I, for one, am all over gratuitous cute baby shots! Can't wait to see what you have lined up for this week :)


Nice to meet you.

Sorry no Halloween descriptions from me. We don't celebrate it in Australia (or in Laos for that matter)

stephanie Howell

welcome, elizabeth!
love your random facts. i was a teacher, too...before the girlies. =)


she is adorable!!

emily pitts

hi elizabeth :) i was thinking, that baby isn't going to hold still in that costume, i think she's too old now :) but gratuitous pictures are good, they make us smile. it's ok :)

glad you're hosting this week.


hooray! i'm so glad your hosting...even though you didn't tell me :P


Good timing! Someone finally sent me a link to this blog. In the switch to the new site, I couldn't find it. With a little help I'm here now and am VERY pleased to find you the guest blogger this week! Love the little 'Bee' photo!


hooray for celebrations of the now. (in spite the fact that dr no period pepper is better than the diet version! hooray for learning to love the other!)
halloween for us was all about the skier. we had costumes at school but in the very cold of canadian octobers we all became skiers for the t.ort. part!
glad to see you here!

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