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October 15, 2008


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Cathy S

Thanks for both the inspiring words and the layouts. This is hitting close to home as I am working on a layout of random photos of my son at 14 months. I'm so glad I took the time to write a bit about him back in March of '07. Not that long ago, but already I've forgotten he really didn't speak then, but communicated so eloquently with just "eh."


I absolutely adore your work.
I also love that you love white cardstock, I could do every LO on it, but I know it's not the popular choice.
Your children are just darling :)


I just LOVE this post! Thanks for reminding me how important the random every day things are to write about.


thnk you so much for giving me permission to keep a journal without having to write like i'm a genious. you rock.


see? i can't even type!

Katie Scott

super cool stuff & you should link this to your old friend


What a wonderful reminder about what it's all about, Marnie. Thank you for that.


Awesome journaling suggestions. Love how you don't limit yourself w/journaling. Adorable LO's, btw!


Oh Marnie, I am LOVING this... you have such a lovely simple style, and your journalling is amazing. I just found an old LO of yours in a special issue, and it made me remember why I LOVE to scrap. Thanks for reminding me once again. :)

emily pitts

this post is really personal to me. i have so many pictures of my kids as babies that i don't remember what was happening, why i took the picture. it's why i scrap so many of the everyday moments now, i have a terrible memory. thanks for putting journaling into words like this.

i went to byu too :)


I love this post Marni. I am bookmarking it and will use it as a reminder. I'm a little verklempt :)

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