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October 20, 2008


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happy monday morning cheryl! so excited for your blog week. you might not need any secret this time round, but i am going to be better prepared to not be drinking anything fizzy this time so that when (not if, when) you make me laugh it won't come shooting out my nose all over my keyboard!!

mother of a weenie loving boy. no, i didn't mean it to sound like that. no, let's try again - mother of a boy who too would laugh at anything weenie...


Looking forward to the week ahead Cheryl!!
Happy Monday! :)


This isn't all that crafty, but I recently hung a couple of my autumn-themed LOs on my wall:


ahhhhhhhhh I am totally lifting an idea I saw online last week.. hoping to finish it up tonight to share b4 the deadline!!!!


YAY! Cheryl, you totally make me laugh! And I love your home dec ideas!

Katie Scott

1. I made a layout called Halloweenies (because my friend made hot dogs that looked like pig snoots) and its here:,com_zoom/Itemid,28/page,viewproj/catid,58151/
2. I made a Halloween layout a few days ago about me and Halloween, I used really old halloween patterned papers, you can check it out here:,com_zoom/Itemid,28/page,viewproj/catid,81471/


Can I say how super-psyched I am that you are hosting, Cheryl?
This should be a fab week with you at the helm! :)

Angie Lucas

That was one of my favorite product lines from CHA!!! And this is adorable. Nice job!


Love the hoop project!


OK, here are my 2 frames i bought from Target after Halloween last year. Just added some MM stuff, bling and ribbon![email protected]/2958956253/ and here's the second:[email protected]/2958969547/


Can't wait for a fun week. I'm alittle behind. Still putting out my Halloween decorations

kimberly a.

Cheryl, wow- love your embroidery hoop frame- wow, that looks like a fun project, may have to try that since I haven't been doing much embroidering with my old hoops lately :)
Here is a link to my projects:

Looking forward to reading your posts this week!

Linda Barber

Cheryl, come organize my house NOW! :)

Love the hoop. You are the queen of decorating with scrappy products!


I LOVE that embroidery hoop project! How cool is that?!

I have a fall LO that I just did, a loose interpretation of one of CathyZ's assignments in her class over at BPS:


whohoooooo I made it :) is the link to my blog where the photos are.
I have totally loved looking @ everyone else's projects too!!! fun week ahead I can tell :)


Needless to say I have no projects to share but am commenting anyway! Autumnal is also one of my favourite words... I used it in a sentence only yesterday ;)


I love the use of the embroidery hoop! I must say too, that your family looks like a fun bunch!

Dale Anne

LOVED this.......I happen to have an embroidery hoop!!

Margot MacGillivray

I also love the word 'autumnal' - but here in New Zealand we are in spring, and another word I love is the sciency word for that, 'vernal'.
Enjoying the Simple Studio Blog and deciding to stop 'lurking' and start participating!


Love the embroidery hoop. Here is a little project that my DD and I did over the weekend.

Lynette C

Love you embroidery hoop project. Could you share the instruction with us?


I love the embroidery hoop project!!! Have to remember to look for one next time I'm at the store.


I agree, love the hoop project! I just posted on my blog yesterday about a couple of projects I made.

Leslie Herbert

You know I think you are the funniest person I know right?!! Love your Halloween project Cheryl and how fun that you are hosting this week! yay! you are the best!

emily pitts

auTUMnal. i love to say that :)

happy to see you here this week!

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