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October 31, 2008


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Thanks for the fun week, Elizabeth!
Please tell me Gracie looks EXACTLY like you in your prairie costume?
If I am wrong, I will eat some glitter! :)

Leanne Stamatellos

Thanks for being a great hostess Elizabeth and your eldest daughter is just a 'mini-you' - she is adorable and so are the other girls!

emily (justem)

You are way cute Elizabeth! :) Happy Halloween! Hope it was great!

Katie Scott

we had that same giraffe costume for both of my babies (p.s. did you see the giraffe's sketch on saturday night live - too funny).

emily pitts

i swear you and i would be amazing friends. and i'm not stalking you. but want to hear something weird? i was just looking at some old photos from when i was a kid. i found one of me in my CP3-O underoos. how weird is that?

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