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October 21, 2008


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becky olsen

Adorable cards!
fun challenge!


awesome cards, i'll give it a go...i'm lovin' the evilbrow technique, so true...


Ooooh, thank you! Thanks for making my day! :)

And thanks for the new challenge... I love your cards (even the winter one, lol), and I will definitely set aside some time to participate again this week.


Love the cards!
And your random interger selector looks like the cable guy!


Oh, and I went back to rename my project from last week so it would show up at the top of the list in the group. I forgot those quotation marks. :S

emily pitts

ghost, my favorite :) angry eyebrows :)

Linda Barber

It's all about the brows. That's why mine are set on eternal frown. To keep my evil mommy look up at all times... ;) LOL!

Totally cute cards! Love how you made that cloud into a ghost. Very clever indeed.

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