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February 25, 2009


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I would name it the Lotsa Trimmer, because it would have lotsa features!

Erin Bohland

I would call it Arrow Straight Cutter.. I will be so sad when this blog is done....


I would use the name Creative Cuts - the Super Cuts for paper!! Wow, how corny can I be????


Ooooh, fabulous giveaway. Yet again!!!

Hmmm... If I invented my own trimmer, I'd call it Sharpie, just because I'm not very imaginative these days...

Jennifer Larson

The Straight Story...we scrap stories, we want a straight cut...oh well, it's the best I would do.


Coffey-cuts and it would come with gift cards for coffee, which I don't drink, but all in the name of marketing. ;) heehee!


I can never think of names for things. That's what the marketing guys are for, isn't it?


Straight and Easy. Just how I like 'em.

Sounds a bit naughty almost...


How about Sir Cuts Alot?

And for the quote - is "person" the missing word?


The cutting edge? Is there already one with that name?

oh - and it's pronounced "Oo-chee-da", at least that's the ethnically appropriate pronunciation....I'm thinking in North America it probably gets pronounced "You-chee-da" more often than not.


uhhhh - how about THE trimmer to end all trimmers? ya - I like it. :)


Scrap-it-right because I want it to be perfect every time!!

Bonnie Lewis-Watts

How about: Cut THAT, baby!
Just think, I could put away all those pesky decorative scissors!


The Cut and Trim.


Hmm...I've never been good at naming things--except my daughter I suppose.

I would name my trimmer Crafty Companion because most crafters use a trimmer at some point during the creative process.

Tiffany Judd

Those cupcakes are almost too cute to eat! I would love to win a new trimmer. I would call my trimmer "Trim Fast", kind of like slim fast. Hmmm...I wonder if my subconcious is trying to tell me something.


OMG love the cupcakes!!!!! They diverted the attention away from the trimmer for a while... what name would I give to my trimmer... no idea, probably perfect trim or something like that, nothing that original...


oh I love this trimmer, Id love to win one!


Probably something simple like 'Trim-It'.


I just LOVE this trimmer!!! Pick me, pick me!!!
I really don't know how I should call a trimmer... Since I am so crazy about perfect straight lines, probably I would call it "perfectly straight" and the slogan would be something like "If you are like my inventor, take me home!". We can always dream, right?!


how about "iCut"? (not that I'm obsessed with my iPod and iPhone or iMac or anything!!! ;-) ...)
I will miss this blog soooi much -sob sob!


I'm really impressed with everyone's names so far...I'm not sure I can come up with anything that clever. I think I'd just call mine the Super Duper (because I have a 2 year old!) Straight Cutting No Slipping Cutesiest Wutesiest Trimmer EVER!! And I assume the missing word in the quote at the end of your blog entry is either woman or man...I'll go with man.


I would call it Trim-Str8, and it would have 8 different blades! :)

Shelly Martinson

I would say the trimmer. You can't hardly do any projects anymore without it. One of my best friends these days.



Hee-hee, you are too funny...how about...hmmm...you know, it's 6:51 am...I wasn't expecting to have to think coming over here! :) Oh! How about The Trusty Trimmer? :)

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