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February 25, 2009


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Laurie Takens

If I was to invent a trimmer I would call it "Cut Away". I can't believe I'm the first to comment today!


Hmm, how about 'Making the Cut'... or is that just too corny? :-)

Karen F.

Karen's Kutter . . .

Kute, huh? :)


Maybe you're getting less comments because the questions are getting harder! I guess I would call it the Scrapper's Best Friend. You can't live without a good trimmer!


Butter Cutter because it would cut like butter! I hope your last week is going well. I like how the chances of winning are improving. Send me the Cheese!

Kim K

How about "Cut the Scrap" for a trimmer name. Cute, huh? I came up with it myself.
As for Uchida...I always thought it was You-Cheetah. Hmmmm...I wonder???
Also, can I say I would LOVE to try those cupcakes, but I'm sure they're all gone!
Happy Birthday Megan!


i didn't even know that Marvy Uchida made trimmers, i love their punches though! and those cupcakes...did everyone get one of each? =) i gotta go find something sweet to eat now!

rebecca k

Maybe I would call mine STRAIGHT CUTS since everyone seems to agree that getting a trimmer that cuts straight is next to impossible :)

Happy Bday Megan---awesome cupcakes!

Lori Y.

'The Tackle It and Tote It' trimmer. It would easily cut cardstock, vellum, chipboard, vinyl, etc. All in a nice portable package! What a dream!


My trimmer would be called the Trim-a-Limb because that's the first name that popped into my head! It would probably sell very, very badly. Maybe it could be Halloween-themed?


I dream of the perfect trimmer all the time. It will have clear guides and markings. Stable base and firm grip on the paper/cardstock/photos. Self sharpening blades. I can dream, right? And I'll call it "Cut to the Chase". ;)


How about "Cutterrific" because it would be such a terrific cutter?! I'd have the same needs as Esther...


well that's easy i'd call it the celeste. BWA HA HA! she's sharp and straight and true! LOL

kim a.

I'd have to call my trimmer "Measure Twice, Cut Once"(or the M2C1) in honor of my husband the contractor (who kind of sort of freaks out a little when I freehand cut stuff, poor guy.)

Jo Andrew

I would call mine "The Super Whiz Bag Cutter 3000" Not sure what the 3000 means but doesn't it sound fancy...I'd buy it :) Every type of cutting in the one trimmer.

Julie Pfeiffer

The only name I can come up with today is Totally Trimmin.

emily pitts

off with their heads! hee hee. i just love my guillotine, and that's what came to mind when i looked at it :)

Mia Castrillo

Trim-It-Up. Wish I could be lucky enough. My old trimmer needs replacing already. LOL!


Seriously? Creativity? Today? I love that trimmer set you're giving away! Can I enter without a new trimmer name? Cuz seriously, I'm tapped out :).


How about 'Trusty Sidekick'? Yep, thats the name I would choose!


thanks for the chance to win!


Oh I really like the fun purple color of today's cutter. I think if I invented a cutter of my own I would call it "The Paper Tamer" because it would handle all types of paper with ease and tame even the wildest of papers!


I would call it the Clever Trimmer because it wouldn't only cut different patterns but you could also use the blades as a regular craft knife, all you need to do is screw on a handle and cut away.
Thank you for a chance to win this fun looking trimmer.

katie scott

As that lady customer of the tupperware guy said in Napoleon Dynamite when he showed her the free ship she'd get for ordering the break resistant plastic containers: "I want that" So I'd name the cutter "Napoleon Dynamite" - copyright laws be darned.

Andrea Adams

Cuts Straight- cause that's really all I need out of a trimmer.

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