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February 24, 2009


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I would love to try out the new trimmer. Looks great.


looks like a great trimmer..i have 2 that i use...a fiskars & a cutterbee (i think that is right, it is green)...neither of them cut straight :(

great giveaways this week!!!...


I use a Fiskars trimmer, and I was just going to throw it out and get a new one when I read your tip about checking first to see if the paper or photo you are cutting is square. I am going to give it a second chance!

Holly A. Moss

I have the Fiskars 12" EuroTrimmer. I loved it at first (who wouldn't when you're coming from a guillotine trimmer? LOL) - but it drives me crazy because it doesn't cut straight.

Thanks for the sneak peeks at the latest new trimmers!

Laurie Takens

I use a Fiskars trimmer and I know what you mean about them cutting straight. It drives you crazy sometimes but I'm like you - I don't need it perfect. :)


The only trimmer I've used is the one in Kinkos. I used it for my first hybrid craft, which was a Christmas card for my boyfriend's sister. The only other trimmer I've used would be scissors LOL!

Really enjoying trimmers week. Although the magazine will no longer be in print, I'd love to see this continued on the blog. No giveaways necessary (but I'm not against them either ha!)I am completely new to paper scrapping--still just dipping my big toe into the pool to check the water.


I have two Fiskars and I like them both. One has a simple, straight blade and the other one is a rotary trimmer with interchangable blades. I got the second one from my hubby for christmas and love the scalloped blade...would LOVE to add this trimmer to my collections

Keisha in MN

I have a Dahle trimmer and I LOVE it. I've had it for years and never changed the blade - it's a rotary blade. It's pretty big - not exactly a "mobile".... but I do all my scrapping at home, so it's great!

Melissa K

Ooo, ooo--I really, really want this one!

I use the 12" Tonic Guillotine. I love that the plastic guard holds the paper tight so there's no slippage. And in the beginning I loved how straight it cut, but it's a little off now. The only other thing I don't like is that it's hard to cut really thin slivers of paper. But then, how often do I really do that?

(pssst... My T-square is my favorite scrapbooking tool. Hee hee! :)


I use the Fiskars trimmer - I have had it a long time and I am ready to pick up a new one...it would be so delightful to win one!

Dale Anne

Another FABULOUS trimmer!!! WOW!


I my husband's basic paper trimmer.


that looks like a fun toy, um, I mean trimmer :) I've got a Making Memories magnetic trimmer and I like it!


Looks like so much fun!

Jennifer Larson

That curvy trimmer looks much easier to use than my curvy ruler. Pick me!


I use a Fiskars trimmer that I got at Costco...I've never seen it anywhere else though. It cuts pretty straight most of the time. That wavy trimmer looks cool!!

LeAnne S

My latest is a Fiskers rotary trimmer with interchangable blades.

Ali Monson

I have a Fiskars that's been giving me major fits. The locking device doesn't hold my paper tight enough, so I struggle. Sometimes I wonder if it's operator error. :) Maybe I need a trimmer that's NOT supposed to cut straight.

Lynette C

Wow! this wavy trimmer sure is different from all the trimmer I have seen. Very sexy lol. I have a simple Fiskars trimmer. Only thing I do not like about it is that it is plastic and when you apply too much pressure duing cutting the guide can get "stretch" and the straight cut mya turn not so straight.

katie scott

I use a guilloutine style trimmer that I got at Office Depot. I like it because it never needs to have a blade replaced, I dislike it because I'm sort of afraid it could do some serious bodily harm & because it doesn't cut perfectly straight lines.

Shelly Martinson

I have an old school trimmer. The Rock Paper Trimmer is the cutest. Might be my next purchase. Thanks for adding to my obsession! LOL


I have a Fiskars 12" portable paper trimmer that I like because it cuts nice straight lines. However, I don't like it because it only cuts straight lines.

Jo Andrew

I would so love to step out of the box and try a new trimmer, especially a wavy one. Mine is just the plain old boring very normal Fiskars trimmer...but I guess it does the job and that's all I can ask. Jo.A


WOW...I've never seen one of these before, but now I must have one! Why didn't I think of this???


I am one of those crazy people when the subject is perfect straight lines!!! If a square doesn't really looks like a square, even for just 1 milimeter, I will got nuts until I have turn it into a real perfect square! I have five different trimmers but the ones I use the most are the cutterpede and the Making Memories magnetic trimmer.

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