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February 26, 2009


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Dale Anne

Those are popular colours in everything these days!!!

Jeannine Buckenmyer

I am quite certain that the "Genesis" must actually scrap your pages for you. That can be the only reason for the wait and cost!


i have never noticed the coloring on trimmers before...but i bet i will now!! mine has always been black!
i'm guessing that the companies choose purple & orange so often b/c they really stand out to us and we can easily remember something like "caution! sharp object!".


I don't know why they choose those particular colors but since purple is my favorite color I'm not going to complain (although I have no delusions that they chose it just for me, lol).


I think you need the bright colors so you don't lose them when you're at a crop. You know...the mess of it all!


And since no one took a shot on the Wednesday quote challenge I'm going to say it was "person" (did I get it right?)


I think the designers used their favorite colors.

wendy b

Paper trimmers are boldly colored to help us think outside the box. The people who make these things must think outside the box, therefore, they hope their creativity will rub off on us.

Nancy Morneault

I think the fiskars trimmers color was picked by a man. This color combo has been around since before scrapping. The brighter colors are more attractive though and yea-easier to find. I'm loving the give away. Need new stuff....


I bet orange and purple are the cheapest colours of plastic! Just kidding, I know it's gotta be some kind of scientifically-proven marketing strategy. And also, now I want a Genesis trimmer. Of course, I'd have to use it till the end of time to get my money's worth out of it - but I'm willing to try!


Orange stands out and the two colors contrast eachother to make trimming oh so much easier:)

Keisha in MN

Hmmm, that is odd. It seems like Fiskars was the first "cutting" company and they're known for their orange products. I guess everyone else followed suit - and purple is opposite on the color wheel.

Melissa K

Not sure why on the purple, but I just learned that the color orange means "cheerfulness, low cost, affordability, enthusiasm, stimulation, creativity."

Who wouldn't want all THAT packaged with a trimmer? ;)


Interesting theory of the purple and orange. I think it is because it is the least likely color combo. :)


Because scrappers get sick of pink??? Not sure, but I love the purple.

Kary Nelson

Maybe they just look pretty! I would guess that the orange would stand out in the store--no idea about the purple! Neither is a favorite color of mine--I'd choose another color if I had the opportunity....

Heidi Y

Maybe b/c some don't want 'pink' so the next colors are purple / orange??? I don't know - your guess is as good as mine :)

Kitty Mortimer

I do believe that the colors are for the stand out value, I have always wished the football could be neon just so I could find it on the field, and the bright colors help me find my trimmers unlike the football at a game.


Well according to a website purple is the color of royalty, thus it connotes luxury and wealth. But maybe it was their favorite color!

Katherine McKamey

I think the main reason for the purple or orange color choices is so few people actually scrapbook with those colors and the trimmers will stand out amongst all of the piles of patterned papers and cardstock! Or maybe it's just because that's the designer's favorite color? Hmmm...so many possibilities! Thanks for the great give away opportunity!

Lynette C

Well orange and purple suits both gays and gals instead of the usual pink and blue. Orange and purple are more "grown up". I really don't know what I am talking about. lol. And by the way my Fiskars trimmer is more dark grey than orange and my provo craft trimmer is green.

Francine C

Purple people eater translated to Purple paper cutter? lol And What about orange? hee hee


Nice question... I think green and purple are relaxing colours but at the same time they boost productivity... Anyway, mine is pink... any idea why? Not really...


Because I said so! (Mother of a 2 year old again!) : )

Tiffany Judd

Purple is a calming color. They probably chose it so when you cut something wrong, it will calm you down! Ha!

Orange is just bright and happy, keeping you alert so you won't cut off a finger or something. Ha!

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