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February 26, 2009


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becasue they think it will be different than everyone elses??? LOL...guess they were wrong!


Why orange and purple? We crafters love bright and pretty! Oh yeah, and we also have to be able to find it under the piles of scraps covering every surface! Thanks for a fun week!


Purple & orange are "fun" colours, IMO! Plus, like many others have noted....they stand out amongst all the clutter on my work surface....


I have to agree with others - the colors stick out in the mess so you can find them! And orange and purple make me happy. :)


Thanks for the aweseome giveaways! I am with the first gal, I thought it had to do with company/brand recognition. I know Creative Memories is dark blue, and the Cricut (Provo Craft?) is green, so I just assumed it was the same for the other companies. Basically I have no idea otherwise.

katie scott

I'm going to second Kim K's idea: "Somebody must have done some research to determine that these are the least used colors in scrapbooking...therefore, it will be the easiest to spot on your scrap table!" This is what I thought too but she saved me the trouble of typing it :)


Cool trimmers!

Laura Prenkert

Scrapbooking wanted to set itself apart from the ugly green mats used in quilting....

rita s

to inspire people to use more color and think outside of the box.... (=

Leslie Murphy

I don't know why they are used, but purple is my favorite color, so I'm happy!


I don't think there's any specific reason why trimmers seem to be purple and/or orange. I think it just happened. And that's OK. And I would like to win this trimming system. Looks very cool!


Brand recognition. Fiskars has been using orange forver, and Tonic's logo is orange. WRMK uses purple a lot in their logo.

And I LOVE orange (have since I was a kid), so I like orange tools.

I would love to try out the WRMK Ultimate trimmer. My two favorite products are the BG Magnetic Mat and the Tonic 6" base.


I think orange and purple are just fun colors and they make me happy, if I had to choose colors for new products they would be my choice too.


I think they think those colours are fun and cutesy and will attract more buyers.


I don't know ... maybe those are the cheapest colours of plastic that are any fun?


hmmm, I think the blog ate my post, so I'll try this again.

1. I have been drooling over that trimmer! Would love to win it. Loved the idea of a certain other magnetic mat,but just thought the cutting surface was too small. This looks perfect!

2. not really sure if there is a reason why. I would have guessed orange = caution for blade.


I have no idea - other than they're both tough colors for me to scrap. :)


I think secondary colors are more pleasing in tools than primary colors.


Fiskars used to be grey and orange, but I think they've always had the orange. The purple and orange are at opposite ends of the color spectrum so perhaps that has something to do with it. They're also cheerful? I dunno. I'm tapped out.

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