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February 26, 2009


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I think it is because they both have red as a base colour, so will hide the blood easier when I accidently cut myself!

Libby Brill

Wow! This looks wonderful! As for the color choice, I thought it had to do with the company colors, but I could be wrong. I know that orange and brown are supposed to make you hungry and blue and purple are supposed to be calming. So perhaps they are trying to make you hungry to buy it, but secure in your purchase once you do. :)

Tina B.

I think it is because they can stand out better in your scrap mess...I mean my scrap mess...lololololol...thank you for the giveaway


Yay for the fab giveaways...

As for the colors... I dunno. Maybe it goes well with crimson red??? (the color of blood, if you were wondering)


I know, why not a red trimmer? I have no clue. Do those colors compete less with things you are cutting?


Maybe because those colors contrast well with more "commonly used colors?" I don't have a clue.

Lindsay Bateman

Great giveaway! I think certain colors are used as marketing tools, in that certain colors evoke certain emotions which make people more inclined towards certain things/items perhaps??

emily pitts

because orange is the new black ;)


Well, I know why Fiskars is orange - that's what the machinist happened to have left in his machine when he made the first scissors prototypes. Proved to be a popular colour in the 1960s. Hence the orange colouring in most Fiskars products. As for purple, I guess it's slightly less girly than pink (which some people hate) but still appealing to women.


They are bright colors so we can find them amongst all the paper on our tables!

Lori Y.

It must depend on the designers favorite football teams colors! HeeHee! Truely though, I have NO idea!


I belive that most trimmers are orange or purple is beacause those colors would inspire you to be more creative.

Kim K

Somebody must have done some research to determine that these are the least used colors in scrapbooking...therefore, it will be the easiest to spot on your scrap table!


i have no idea. sorry!


and purple is the new orange (see Emily's comment above).


I have to agree that it is the easiest to spot on your messy scrap table. I love bright orange or purple tools. I can always find them.

kim a.

I think they're orange or purple so I can find them easier in the mess that is always on my desk!

Laurie Takens

I have no idea why but I bet the companies spent a lot of time researching what color would sell the most - that's the way most companies work anyway.

Christine D

I have to agree with other posters, those colors are used so you can find your trimmer in your mess!


Hmmm... I'm thinking that trimmers are orange or purple so that they catch your attention (orange just grabs you - can't miss it and purple is a happy color).


I think they are those two colors because those colors stand out to people. Orange grabs the eye but purple tends to be a more comforting color. Personally I'm more inclined towards the purple than the orange but that's just because I love purple. Ten to one if it's purple and I want it then I will buy it!


I know a lot of people say that purple is the hardest color to work with, so maybe they thought that most of the time you could easily find your trimmer if it stood out from the paper all over it?


I have no idea about the chosen colors--maybe brand recognition? I've noticed though, that there aren't yellow rotary cutters & green mats, like my old Olfa quilting set up.
Great giveaway!

Erin Bohland

I like the idea the other ladies have about being able to find it easier in a mess.lol

Bonnie Lewis-Watts

I hardly ever use orange or purple in my scrapping, so they do stand out in my room making them easier to find in the mess! But oddly enough, I've never had a purple one...

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