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February 23, 2009


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What a fun trimmer!
Hmmm... never thought of using my cutter to slice cheese. Wonder if my punches would work? :)


I think that Rock, Paper, Trimmer from Fiskars looks soooo cool. What a great idea! It would make a wonderful replacement for my very old Fiskars trimmer. Hint. Hint.


Lori Y.

Seriously!?! A trimmer that plays music!?! How cooooool is that! Sign me up! Would LOVE to try it! Thanks Simple Scrapbooks!


Cool trimmer.
I love Simple Scrapbooks!!!


Pink - the perfect color for a trimmer in my book!

rebecca k

So cool! Thanks for sharing!


I'd love to win a new trimmer! Thanks for the fun blog, I'll miss it when Simple is gone.


I love that the trimmer has a spot to hold the ipod. Mine gets buried under many layers of paper on my desk. Thanks for the chance to win one.

Ali Monson

I hate my current trimmer. This one looks awesome.


How fun!! Would love this!


That is the coolest trimmer. Oh my goodness! What will they think of next?


That trimmer looks awesome!

Prairie Girl

Cheese...iPod...but does it cut straight? ;-)
Looks like they also have Metric measurements! Woot!!!


"there must be a trimmer talkin' boy..."

Love me some Doris Day.

I just received the latest issue (with a big flyer saying LAST CHANCE TO RENEW...which just made me even sadder). I love the new columns and changes and, well, it just stinks, for lack of a better word.

Meanwhile...the trimmer is cool:-)


very cool trimmer...too bad it doesn't come with the ipod! =)


Wow! I'd love to have a pink trimmer!


rock and crop? how cool is that? would love to win!


OMGoodness how awesome :) Now that's what I call a trimmer and it's pink too!! What more could a girl ask for :)))


Okay so if I win this does that mean my hubby has to buy me that I-Pod I have so desperately been wanting? Woohoo!!

I'm soooo gonna miss you guys. :(


That's super fun... I love scrapping with music on!!

Lynette C

This trimmer is so pretty and high tech! Love it. Thanks for sharing it with us.


That trimmer looks awesome! I'm so gonna miss Simple :(...

Dawn Pruyn

That may be the coolest thing I've ever seen, as far as scraptools are concerned.


cool trimmer -- I so desperately need a new one. I just have the little Creative Memory one...


Well Angie, my little Fiskars trimmer hasn't cut straight in years. It drives me crazy, but I would rather spend money on pretty papers and embellishments than more money on a new trimmer. So, I sincerely hope that I get to adorn my lovely scrap table with the beautiful trimmer you are offering above!
ps. i too am mourning the passing of Simple - it has been my favourite magazine since i started scrapping. i still have every issue i've ever purchased. craziness.

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