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February 23, 2009


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Judy in huntsville

Saw the trimmer this week and thought it was pretty neat! When I got my 'next ot last issue' last week I have to admit I had alittle sadness all weekend... Love you guys and I'm goonna miss you A BUNCH!

Dale Anne

Please pick me for the Rock Paper Trimmer....my old fiskars trimmer is showing its age and wearing out.

Brandy Poirier

That is a Rockin' paper trimmer. Only Fiskars would think of this!!


I have seen that in the stores. Glad to have more info about it! Looks like a fun trimmer!


That looks so NEAT!! Imagine how popular you would be at crops!

Angela S

What an awesome trimmer - definitely a step up from the 20 year-old one I've been using!


Oh, I like that trimmer!


A little wacky to me - a trimmer that you can plug an ipod into? But I loooove the pink!


You made me laugh! And cry a little because I'm going to miss this. But mostly laugh.

Tracy Hallock

Would love to try it out, looks like a cool new idea, what will they think of next?


Just when you thought there weren't enough ways to use a trimmer, and an Ipod for that matter, out comes a musical, cheese cutting trimmer. Awesome!! ;o)


I love that you all are not going down for the count without some more SS antics!! I am going to miss you all so much!! But that rockin' trimmer might help me feel better ;-))


Linda M.

Would love to have that trimmer!
Linda M.


I really need a new trimmer!


Love that trimmer. Just thinking about putting a new one on my birthday list. This week will be very helpful:)

Bonnie Lewis-Watts

Love the pink, love the ipod dock, love the trimmer, WANT it!


Ooh, that trimmer looks fabulous!


Fun trimmer but since I scrapbook at night when all of the kids are asleep I generally use the headphones on my ipod if I'm listening to something so I don't know how much the dock feature on this trimmer would get used in my house!

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