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February 23, 2009


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That trimmer looks very cool! Thanks for keeping up the blog. I'm really going to miss Simple and this blog. Best to you and your new adventure!


Oh wow, how cool is that trimmer?! Super fun! :)

I don't have my latest Simple yet, but I'm looking forward to reading the trimmer article now! lol Cheese! *snicker*


Such a fantastic giveaway - thank you so much for the chance to win!


Ha! I'm not sure I'd go out and buy that trimmer, but I'd be happy if I won it!


I saw this in my local scrapbook store last week and I think about it daily.

I covet this. My husband thinks I am crazy.

But really - It's PINK, PRETTY, PLAYS MUSIC and it will help me SCRAP at the same time!!! Who doesn't love it is crazy!!

~Missing Simple already

Lisa Browning

I saw that trimmer at AC Moore a week or two ago. I actually took a picture of it in the store. I would love a chance to win it.


Does it cut straight?


Trimmer talk huh? LOL


That is soooo stinkin' cute and clever too!!


How great is that!?! A trimmer and music in one! And it's PINK!!! I want it!


OMG!!!!....what more could a girl want?..a pink paper trimmer that can play some tunes!!!...just added this to the top of my scrappy wish list...WOW OH WOW!!!...awesome!!...

Erin Bohland

How neat... Love the pink.....Thanks for the chance.


What an awesome trimmer! I need a new one...this could be it! :)


A scrapping pal of mine was just telling me about this trimmer and I didn't believe her! Wow :D


cool, but I dont' have a mp3 or ipod that will plug in. I have a shuffle somewhere, but I think I need an ipod to go with it. ;)
How fun are you guys, I mean really, you ROCK!


Wow! That is one neat trimmer! I love the pattern on the cutting area. It just makes you want to create!

Confession:I am a digi scrapper who doesn't own a paper trimmer. However, paper is starting to appeal to me. I actually own 3 ink pads and a couple sets of acrylic stamps (all non-digi hee hee)

Heather Q

I'm using such an old trimmer -- it would be so nice to move into a more up-to-date version. Thanks for the chance!

stefanie a.

No way! This is just what I need! The color is fab and I love the speakers!


As a bit of a "gadget girl", loove the technology :)
A wonderful item to remember a wonderful mag....

Katherine McKamey

I have never had luck with any trimmers staying straight. It seems like every time I get half way through a project I end up with a crooked cut and then I have to figure out how to get the cut back even. So frustrating. I'm really looking forward to reading about true straight cutting trimmers that are available at a reasonable price to consumers (not companies.) Thanks for the opportunity to win a cool trimmer!

Jennifer Larson

I've seen this in stores and wondered what it did. Hah! My boys already love to play with my scrapping tools; I don't think they would be able to keep their hands off of this one!


Love the color...love the little poem!
Would love to win it.
Jennifer B.

kismet art

Any excuse for me to finally buy an I-Pod is ok in my book- the first song I'd put on it, "Missing You"- I'll miss this blog and all the fun you've shared with us.


yeah, I want the rock paper trimmer!


Very cool trimmer!
Definite must have for crops!

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