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February 08, 2009


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Oh no, what an ordeal the past few days have been! I hope the fact you're blogging means you're feeling better from that stomach flu. And I hope your grandmother enjoyed the beautiful scrapbook you gave her. :)

Can't wait to see the special issue. Yes, it'll be bittersweet to flip through it. It's already feeling strange, flipping through my old issues of Simple, thinking the end of an era will soon be upon us. And it feels even stranger, flipping through my latest CK, knowing it'll be the closest to the real thing in a few short months. *sigh*

CHA updates... bring 'em on! New news, old news... it's all good.

Nicky H

Oh my Gosh! You've had quite a week! I hope everyone, including Becky, get better real soon!

Deirdre Keating

There's nothing more important than what you did this week. Thanks for sharing it...makes me a little whiney (for a little while at least).

young c-m

Feel better soon!


Ugh. What a week. You're a sweetie to take good care of your sister in law! Hope this week is better!

Linda Barber

Oh UGH! What a week. Hoping that Becky, you, and the rest of the fam get to feeling better soon!


Aly D

hope everyone gets better soon. glad you can be there to help out your sil. =)

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