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February 27, 2009


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I love me some gorgonZOLA, but I love Wallace & Gromit even more! (And the Wensleydale ain't bad either!) Anyway, thanks for my favorite magazine all the time it was popping into my mailbox. I cannot tell you how much I will miss SIMPLE SCRABOOKS. Au revoir!


I am so sad for Simple... I am going to miss you all!!!! I've been a reader since I started in 2002 when my sone was born and am truely going to miss SS. CK is great but it's just not the same *sigh* Best wishes and here's to some CHEESE!


I haven't watched Wallace & Gromit for years! If I win the cheese, I'll definitely have to dig out the old videotapes :)

rita s

I was at a funeral today for a darling three year old girl. Little girl funerals are the saddest in the world. My head aches and my eyes are super puffy from crying. So here's to beleving that time will heal our hearts, and a commitment to treasure more moments.

Jennifer McGuire (not the CK one)

I love me some cheese. And I will really miss Simple, so having some cheese will make me feel better about losing my favorite magazine. I will drown my sorrows with cheese.


I'm ready for my cheese, Ms. Lucas!


I love Simple, and cheese! Thanks for the chance to win!

kismet art

I will be eating a lot of cheese to fill the void left by the closing of Simple. Thanks for everything.

Katie Scott

Hi Angie - I am just a little curious: How is it that you have cheese of the month to give away - some kind of Wisconsin or Vermont connection I don't know about?


Thanks for all the SIMPLE fun all these years! Miss you all already!

Leslie Murphy

Good luck to what happens next. Simple will be missed.


That would be so fun! Hopefully I am signed up in time to try and win

Jess M

Cheese is definitely a weekness for me. It goes so well with anything...bread, pasta, more cheese!


I will miss Simple and this fun blog. I hope you will be involved with CK.

Liz Oram

OHHHHHH....CHEESE!! I love cheese, in all types, sizes, shapes, and colors! I often wonder what it would be like to go to one of those places (like France) and go on a cheese tasting tour, so fun! This would give me the opportunity to do it in my own home-thanks!!!


I will definitely miss Simple very much!!! Thanks for all the years you've been there for your readers. You lead the way for all of us who enjoyed more Simple pages and wanted to focus on telling the story. Thanks Stacy and all of you at Simple.
May you find another fabulous and inspiring job.


I will miss Simple Scrapbooks!

Shelley  P.

Thank you Angie!
I know it sounds "Cheesy" but I love you guys!

Shelley  P.

Shelley P. Here with my Oscar thank you speech:
I would like to thank Simple Scrapbooks for the years of unconditional love and uncompromising standard of excellence they have shown me and all the SS subscribers over the years.It may be CHEESY but I love you back! I will treat this cheese with the respect it deserves. I will share it with those less fortunate and will devour this opportunity!Thank you a million times!

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