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February 02, 2009


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thanks carolyn for picking my number! even though i will wear this t-shirt with honor and make ya'll proud, it still hurts to see such an awesome magazine go.


Congrats to the winners!
You know what would take the sting out of not having Simple Scrapbooks magazine around...if you still kept up this blog.
Whaddaya say? :)

emily pitts

great stache!

melanie louette

I so wanted that t-shirt ( but didn't dare put my name in) since I never got mine from last year's show... but congrats to the winners! A great keepsake for sure. Looking very forward to seeing this issue. :)
Now get waxin'! ;p


Now I'm really bummed - I still can't find the LAST issue on the shelves here in Australia, no matter how many different shops I stalk, and the next one is out already... maybe I can stockpile them until the end, and just read little bits at a time to drag them out all year?! ~lol~


Congrats to the winners of the t-shirts! Wear them proudly ladies!

I'll be looking for my copy in the mail.

I agree with Jody - could we keep this blog and the Simple Studio blog?



Angie, you're a nut! I saw Laine's pic with her fake 'stache and I'm thinking how much I'm going to miss the fun I've come to associate with you folks at Simple.

Can't wait to see the March/April issue... so sad to think it's almost over. :(


I am still in shock that my FAVORITE scrapbooking magazine is going away!! When I was a new, struggling scrapbooker, it was SS that led the way to a style of scrapbooking that is meaningful to me. Please make sure Cathy Z is still a part of CK or whatever new endeavors replace the wonderful approach and philosophy of SS!!!

katie scott

Yay! I can't wait to see this one!!!!!

katie scott

Hey does that say you are having another Funnest Ever Contest????

Jennifer Larson

Gosh, your post made me laugh--I missed the 'stash when I first looked at the photo!

Leanne Stamatellos

I never thought I'd say this ... but the mow suits you! hehehe - can't wait to see my layout in this issue - I'll definately be getting this one ... sadly!

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