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February 19, 2009


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katie scott

The sad answer is probably not $20 for a magazine but you could probably do special issue type books & charge that much.


that IS a good question. The news just kept snowballing- first you guys, then ME's Home Companion, then Wondertime.... I knew my mailbox was going is just going to be so sad (okay, I am, too). It seems like all the magazines I like and subscribe to are the ones that had to fold.

I don't think I could swing $20 an issue... I just don't know the answer to that question!


I love the special issue idea but I also love the ads!

I sat down after dinner last night with a cup of tea and Vogue and remarked to my husband how sad I was about the future of magazines. The ads are such a huge part of the experience. When I see them online I don't pay as much attention but in magazines I study them as I do articles and after rip them out for inspiration. =(


Simple is, and has been for quite some time, my favorite magazine. The only one I have subscribed to in many moons. Although my budget is somewhat limited now as I'm doing the SAHM thing, I would truly pay much more for this publication. Maybe not $20 every month, but certainly 4 times a year or maybe 5. ($10 a month I would do almost every month I think - easier to swallow $9.99 then $19.99) The ads pertaining to crafting get my attention, and I often find myself purchasing new supplies based on them or what is used in a Simple article. Other ads are simply more ways for me to spend money that I don't have, so I don't even look at them. (Well, maybe I look at a picture to get an idea for a layout or color choices - ha!!) I am truly saddened that my favorite magazine will not be availabe to me any more ... but I believe it has everything to do with "the times" and nothing to do with the soul behind the creation. Thank you all for sharing your passion with us. :-)

JJ Sobey

Considering what happens to my magazines after I read them (recycle bin), I could never justify $20 for an issue.

I was sad to see Simple stop production, as I had let my CK subscription run out and was about to get Simple instead. *sigh*

There are a couple of scrap magazines that I stopped buying completely - there wasn't enough variety for me. When I start to recognize the children in the layouts, there's a problem.


I wouldn't want to see the ads go from magazines; they are part of the overall "experience." I would be willing to pay more for a magazine like SS than I do now (but certainly not $20), however here's an example of how little you pay for magazines in the US. I live in Australia, I subscribe to SS and I'm paying less than A$5 per issue. If I were to buy each issue from my newsagent I would be paying about A$17 each issue. If I subscribe to my favourite local scrapbook magazine I'd be paying about $9 an issue. How could SS ever have been making enough money with ridiculously cheap prices like that?! It's not just SS either; in the past I've looked at magazines like Oprah, and they work out to about A$5 an issue too compared with local equivalents costing A$10 an issue!

Aly D

interesting question! while i don't see myself paying $20 for an issue, i would definitely pay much more than i did for a subscription to SS (or any magazine i felt similarly about) if it meant keeping it afloat!


I subscribe to a Canadian parenting magazine to support the publication. I love a few of the writers and editors there, and I am a friend of one of the contributing editors. More than 70% of the content is about ages and stages my kids have outgrown, but every now and then, there's a gem in there... and I usually e-mail my favourite writer to tell him I LOVED his latest article. And then, after I'm done copying my favourite recipes, I pass the issue along to a coworker who has a daughter younger than my youngest, and she reads it. :)

Would I pay more than I do for magazines? Probably a little bit more, but not a whole lot more. Right now, it costs me $8 to buy CK off the rack at the bookstore, and I do that on occasion. It would cost me $40 Cdn to subscribe to CK for a year right now... I'd probably pay $55 or 60, but not much more than that.


Sadly, I wouldn't be able to afford $20 per issue for a standard magazine, but like others I'd find it for a special issue.


The frustrating thing is that the silly tabloid magazines which are full of lies and are the reason so many famous people get harassed will survive! And they are not worth the paper they are written on!
Magazines that offer quality interesting information seem to be suffering and can I say ... that sucks!
I would pay $20 for special issue SS if there where 3/4 a year!

Amy Eaton

With the exchange rates here in Australia sometimes I did pay almost $20 for a copy of Simple before I became a suscriber. It was was becoming a little out of reach so subscribing was a great way to go for me. Some Simple special issues have been around the $30 mark here in Australia. Because I have enjoyed the magazine so much I didn't mind paying a little extra but the prices are just plain crazy here.


Sadly I just don't think I could swing $20 an issue-I don't subscribe to the one that is close to that. I don't have an answer, but I do know some of the ads just didn't interest me and some really did. I remember sitting at Borders when I was at grad school back when I didn't get to scrap as much and have "wow" moment after "wow" moment. But that is the problem with any store, magazine, etc. you have to cater to all scrappers, not just the ones with one specific style. As for me, I would have liked to see more ads from the smaller companies with cool products out. Maybe smaller ads, but still great exposure. I guess just something to think about if (and when????) Simple may be able to come back. Oh I miss it already...


I guess I'm in the minority here, but I would spend $20 a month on Simple Mag.
I know a lot of woman who spend a lot more money on insignificant things such as make-up, nails, hair, coffee, cigarettes, handbags, clothes, etc...you get my drift, right? :)
I think it all boils down to what makes you happy and if paying that much a month to have my favorite magazine back, I would do it in a heartbeat!


$20/issue? No, couldn't afford it. I don't mind the ads - and understand that's how magazines make money to pay for rent, lights, heat, staff, etc. I've never minded the ads - as long as they aren't animated blinking ones. :-) I know newspapers are facing the same problems - people hitting the Internet or TV for news - and not wanting subscriptions [even at $6/month including Sundays]. I do think that with more people going online, that's had an effect on all "reading/news" related things - both positive and negative.


Jody, I just can't see myself dropping $120 US for six issues of Simple, no matter how much I love it. I might buy an issue occasionally off the rack at $20, but to pay up front for a whole year.

It's like my coffee addiction. Charging me $50 up front on the first day of the month to pay for my daily caffeine fix would probably make me switch to making coffee at home, but paying a few bucks a day for that premium brew makes it more palatable. Now if I could save 30% by paying up front, then I might consider it.


I'm another reader who loves magazine ads. In scrapbooking magazine ads, I love seeing new product. . . and the uses for same. In fashion magazines, I love to study the ads. Sometimes, I just have to puzzle out what they're trying to sell me. Other times, I wonder what that ad is saying to me about women. But that's not what you wanted to know. There are cooking magazines that do not accept advertising yet are still able to charge less than $5 per issue with color artwork and all. Seems to me scrapbooking magazines ought to be able to do the same. There is no way I would pay more than that for a monthly or bi-monthly magazine.


No, I wouldn't pay 20 dollars per issue, but when I first started buying CK years ago, I did pay 15! That's what we do over here in Australia. I paid 18 dollars (AUD) for Mini Albums in an Evening last November. Love books. What can I say?

Christy B

Let me start with the fact that I really enjoy Simple, and it's the only mag I subscribe to. I have a problem with the waste involved in magazines, but I buy Simple because I generally feel that I'm getting something that I can't get online. That said, I live on a tight budget, and would just go without if the magazine were more expensive. Unfortunately, that won't help save the magazine. It's a conundrum.


If given a choice of no Simple or Simple at $100 a year, I'd choose the later. I wouldn't trade a magazine for online content - NEVER! It would require a shift in thought, however. Magazines and newspapers need to start making this switch or they are going to disappear like the dinosaurs.


Wait, Wondertime too? The only two magazines I read without fail are Simple and Wondertime. It's a sad day. I know a lot of magazines are moving to an online format, but I have to say that I really prefer holding a magazine, touching the LO's, dog-earring the pages, and taking it with me EVERYWHERE. That's part of the enjoyment. My budget wouldn't allow me to vote with my dollar for too long, but I'd be in it as long as possible and very sad when I could no longer afford it. And I'd campaign hard for our library to subscribe if I couldn't.

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