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January 22, 2009


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Melissa K

Ooo, cute! I want one! :)

I want a lot.

But mostly, I want to see Stacy's "Permission Granted" philosophy continued. I want to keep being given permission to create simple layouts, use supplies I have on hand, not feel pressured to try time-consuming techniques when I only have small windows in which to create, and most of all, to focus on the story.

Melissa K

P.S. (And this isn't for a second entry.) I feel bad that I kind of blew over your first paragraph, so I just wanted to let you all know I think you're swell. :) And I hold you close in my thoughts.


Oh Angie, I'm glad you hear you and your staff have survived the first week. I can't imagine going through that kind of upheaval at work. *sigh*

What I'd like to see from Simple live on within CK... the favourite album feature... I've always loved that. And the Cathy's design tips and type tricks. And the Focus on Photos column. And I'm hoping that there will still be a good number of *simple* layouts in any readers' gallery that CK publishes.

Kim K

I SO need an around-the-house lounge shirt! An XL would be great! And I SO need to see more Cathy Zielske. Her Clean & Simple style is what brought me to SS. I love seeing her pages, they're always so, well, clean & simple! I love the idea of white space, giving your eye a chance to rest and take in the photos and the story. Some of those pages in the "other" magazines can get so darned cluttered with "stuff".
Thanks so much for keeping us all updated!

Melissa K

I'm apparently inept at leaving comments, so here it goes again.

First, I want you all to know I think you're swell and I'm holding you close in my thoughts.

Second, I have a crush on that shirt, so...

Though I want a lot of things, what I am most hoping for is to see Stacy's "Permission Granted" philosophy continued. I want to keep getting permission to make simple layouts, use supplies I have on hand, not feel pressured to do time-consuming techniques when I only have small windows in which to create, use 4x6 photos without feeling weird, and most of all, to focus on the story.

Keisha in MN

I loved, loved, loved the style and humor of Cathy Zielske. I hope she is "present" in some way, shape or form in CK. I also love Lain Ehmann - what a sweet and genuine person. Love her podcast, love her blog.


I'd have to say Cathy Z too. She needs a column (and another book would be great too!).

I love all of the Simple designers and hate to pick just one. I would really like to see their work regularly in CK.

Still very sad about all of this. I just love the Simple philosophy and concept.

If I win the shirt (though I wanted to answer this to help you out rather than for a shirt), I would need an XL. Wish it was a S!


I will be very sorry to see my last issue of SS. I love the whole focus on the story & photo approach. The other Pubs just always seemed to much about the art and the products for me. I just always felt more at home with Simple. I hope CK will adapt to this more Simple approach.
PS I am an XL but my daughter is a S and a Simple Gal as well. So either will work for me.


Stacy's philosophy and Cathy's great style. I'm not over the shock!


cathy z, that pretty much says it all.

Laurie Takens

I love the Simple philosophy of making simple, easy pages using up what you have on hand. Also Stacy's whole "you're never behind - scrap all the moments in your life" philosophy. I feel for you guys. It's got to be hard when this has been your passion for so long. T-shirt if I win - size XL.

Tina B.

I want the whole magazine in creating keepsakes...lololol...you could do the whole flip book like they do with some other magazines...thanks for the giveaway...XL for me


Another comment from me... not for another entry into the draw though. Really. I just had a thought as I was washing the dishes after dinner. You know the column (or feature or whatever it's called) where three or four products are sent out to a bunch of different designers, and they each create a page. The LOs that are published are so different... the product usage can be so varied. It's cool to see how the same products can be used in so many different ways. I think this would be fun with designers with many different styles, some simple, others more... ummm... complicated (?!). I shouldn't say it like that. I *heart* CK too. :P

Tamara Rodgers

I guess I'll just say ditto ... I love Stacy's philosophy, and I'm a huge fan of Kathy's style. I'm still a bit sad myself, so I can only imagine how you guys must be feeling!!

emily pitts

my hope is that the simple philosophy will live on, pointing out that we don't have to scrap ALL the pictures to tell the most important stories. i know i'll continue to shout this to the world through my personal scrapbooking, but it sure would be nice to see it in CK as well.

and i'd be a XL :)

still not quite used to this decision. still don't like it.


Gosh, I'm still so heartbroken over this, so know that you girls are so loved and thought of from us (especially me). Simple has always been my favoritest (yes, I know that's not a word).

I love "her" personality and philosophy the most and hope to see those two things infused A LOT CK. By personality, I mean, how free-spirited and down to earth Simple has always been. I just loved the simplicity of it (sorry to sound cliche, but that's just it!). And I owe so much to Stacy's philosophy and continue to encourage others with it- get those memories down, don't worry about the stacks of pictures, scrap from with your heart, just do it! etc etc. Obviously, my interpreation infused there, but that's what it's all about. Taking what I've been reading over the past 5/6 years and applying it.

Simple has helped me to be more in tune with my life, my memories and the little moments that make up each day.

if I win that lovely little shirt, I'll take whatever size is leftover, XL = niteshirt; S = cute shirt for layering and motivation to get my butt in gear and move a little more! ha!

Amy S.

Cathy's style and fabulous writing. She is a hoot!

Lisa Day

OH...I WANT one of those shirts SO BAD! SERIOUSLY!! I'd have to take the small so then I'd HAVE to lose the weight I want!!!

Simple was the first scrapbook magazine I ever subscribed to so it's very hard for me to see it go!

The part of Simple I'd like to see carried on is to keep the focus on sharing the memories. I want to see more of Cathy Z still. I love what she teaches every time and I'll miss that.


I'll be sad to see such a fantastic mag go. I would love to see the focus on clean, simple designs kept around, along with the zany humour of Cathy Z. :)

Nathalie (famille1999)

It's taking some time to digest the news for your readers so I can just imagine how difficult the first week after the news must have been for you all.

I'd love to be able to keep seeing the SS philosophy inside CK, the witty Cathy Z as well as "simple" pages. =)

Lisa Cohen

I love the no-guilt attitude... as well as the feeling that LIVING a great life and then capturing the ESSENCE of a story or a person is the important part of scrapbooking (not piling as many embellishments as humanly possible to create a page that cost $42). I will really miss Elizabeth Dillow's writing and her heartfelt layouts and hope that she continues writing for CK. Her writing (as well as messages from Stacy) is what I will miss the most.


ALL OF IT!!! LOL I fell in love with SS and still have every single issue down in my scrapbook cubby. I think I will miss Stacy and Elizabeth the most though, they have really affected my style and how I look at scrapbooking in general. I just hope that Simple's style doesn't get lost in the more elaborate pages of CK.

I can take either size shirt! If it's XL then I'll wear it as a nightshirt and if it's S then I can wear it during the day!


I love "Finish Line Scrapbooking" in the latest issue--what a fun, start-to-finish, very doable project. There are so many other things to love--all the great articles, the product challenge, as well as the "everyday" scrapbook articles with ideas on looking at your every day life for inspiration. I love it all--thanks for all the fun!


I'd like to see a continuation of the articles whre the focus is on telling life's everyday stories, in simple layouts with a focus on the photos and words (rather than the embellishments). This is why I picked up SS in the first place and why I snatch up every back-issue I ever find (not too many of these as people who have the issues tend to keep them - they are timeless).
Thanks for a great magazine and I hope that much of the best can infuse CK and make it 'SS-reader'-friendly. (If I won, the Small size please - and I hope I do!!).

Maricel C.

What I love Simple is the clean and simple style philosophy especially the works of Cathy Zielske. I was really disappointed and sad when I first found about this...

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