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January 15, 2009


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Oh, I am so, so sad to hear this. Simple Scrapbooks is my FAVORITE magazine. It has been such and inspiration since this is MY way of scrapping - it will truly be missed


This makes me so, so sad. Simple was my favorite. I'll really miss it!


Simple Scrapbooks was such an inspiration. I am so happy to hear that you will be incorporating the "Simple" style into the newest Creating Keepsakes so that this is not an official goodbye....maybe just a 'see you later' instead. None the less, Simple Scrapbooks will be missed.

Deb M :)

This announcement is surely a sad reflection of our current economic downturn. I too preferred SS to CK right from the start, and hope that CK makes room for the SS staff to share ideas and influence future issues! Deb in BC :(


Wow I am sorry to read this, Simple Scrapbooks is the only scrapping mag I subscribe too. But I understand the reason behind this. Thank You for the inspiration you have given me in my scrapping through your magazine.


Well that sucks! SS magazine is my favourite and I will miss it very much. Hopefully, when the times improve, you'll be back ... and I'll continue my support. Thank you for putting a fantastic magazine together ... and good luck to all involved in whatever you end up doing afterwards.


I am heartbroken.

Nicole Peck

Oh man!! I realize they're sister magazines, but CK is too overwhelming for me and I just LOVE SS so much better. I'm so sad. :(

Becky Thompson

SS was the magazine that spoke my language when it came to scrapbooking. I've loved it since day one. I have no words to say how much I will miss it.


oh no. i look forward to my ss every month! i am so sad to hear this. this is one of my fav. mag!

Jennifer Pebbles

I am so sad to hear this.


So very sad. I seem to be one of many for whom SS was the only magazine they ever liked and used enough to buy...

Amy Eaton

I am so sad to hear this news. SS has been my favourite mag from the very beginning. I feel as though I will be saying goodbye to my friends, thankyou for so many years of wonderful inspiration.


Wow, this is truly heartbreaking. For some time I was overwhelmed with scrapbooking. Then I found SS, and you showed me that I didn't have to have a page full of "stuff" in order for it to be a scrapbook page. Thank you for such an inspiring publication. I'm so sad to see it go. :(
I really hope to see a big SS presence in the other mag.

Dianne Nelson

I have every issue saved. It's my favorite magazine. Sad here, but understanding. Thanks for everything and good luck to ALL associated with the magazine.


Simple was the magazine that I pared down to. I am very sad at this announcement. I hope the philosophy will not be lost in the transition.


oh man, this is heartbreaking. seriously.


Oh no!!!!! I am soooo sad. This is by far my favortie scrapbbok magazine out there. And you have the best special issues!!!! Will you still release any special issues?

I am so depressed...


This is horrible news - I am SO sad :(


I love SS, it has always been my go to mag. Thanks for all that you have given to the scrapping community, I'm sure you'll enrich CK, I'll be looking forward to not losing you entirely. But you'll be missed


"And you have the best special issues!!!! Will you still release any special issues?"

I totally agree with this statement.


No!! SS is my absolute favorite scrapbook magazine! It is the one I look forward to most, savor the longest when it arrives, and keep ALL the back issues of!!
Thank you all for your inspiration over the years--you will be missed!


I'm unbelievably saddened by this. I truly hope that the newly combined CK reflects all styles both simple and more embellished. . I would love to see an old feature revived/revisited that would take one layout from simple and step up to fully embellished. That was what SS embodied for me!

I've been reviewing my own subscriptions to all the magazines and purging those that no longer met my needs. SS would not have been one to expire! My personal scrapping style depended on the moment and the inspiration found in both magazines. This is a double whammy with Digital Scrapbooking's launch & closure so recent as well.


Im sad to see Simple Scrapbooks go. I love your magazine so much and I am glad you are honoring our subscriptions by fulfilling the remaining with CK. Thank you!


this, in a word, SUCKS! :(

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