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January 15, 2009


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Mimi Cain

Simple Scrapbooks was also my favorite Scrapbooking Magazine. With my busy life, I loved the ideas of Simple Scrapbooks. I had subscribed to Digital Scrapbooking, Creating Keepsakes, Memory Makers, and Simple Scrapbooks, and your magazine really was the best! I hope Creating Keepsakes will keep your wonderful ideas front and center! I too was going to drop my subscription to Creating Keepsakes when it expired but the last issue was really good. I hope it will continue to have lots of fast and easy ideas for the "Real World Scrapbookers." Thank you again for all your hard work and creative ideas that were not only inspiring but doable. I'll miss you!

Marie M.

While I'm sorry to hear about the end of SS, I am a tad aggravated that this announcement didn't come out sooner since I just sent in money to continue my CK subscription. If I had known that my CK subscription would've been continued a little longer due to the closing of SS I could've held off a little longer and put the money towards another bill.

Kim I

I am so sad! I have subscribed to several of the scrapbook magazines but Simple was ALWAYS my absolute favorite. I can only hope much of your content will make the move over to CK.
Best wishes to your staff. You will be missed!

v whit

ss, i will truly miss this magazine. i always look forward to the mail coming. my best of everything to you all. hope ya'll continue to scrap.


OMG, this was a fantastic magazine. Thankyou for all the years of inspiration and good luck to all the staff

Celinda McManamon

I'm very sad too- for my pocketbook! I just renewed my subscription for 2 yrs. This will be the 3rd magazine where I will lose money on renewals. When going out of business, why are magazines accepting renewals??

Sandra cheverino

God Bless , you guys have brought smiles and a blessed heart to all who have learned , like I to scrapbook my children and Family. Lets just say see you later because things will turn around soon!
For now do what you have to so for your families..We are truely SAD...


This is very sad news. I sure hope they bring a LOT of SS concepts over to CK... I was letting my CK sub expire and was going to cut back to just SS. Ah well... if I don't like the amount of SS that they incorporate into CK (which I hope is LOTS), I'll just have to find a new mag. Good luck to the editors and layout people of SS.

sue c

This is by far the best scrapbook magazine I have read. I love the clean layouts, the ideas, the everything. I had just decided to renew again and was shocked to see you will be absorbed by Creating Keepsakes. I hope all of the concepts and ideas will be absorbed as well. Good luck as you move on.

Sharon Gubby

I can't believe my favourite magazine is to be no more - we have nothing like it here in the uk and SS was something special.

Thanks for all the hard work that produced a truly fantastic read.

Christine Beers

this is really a shame. will hate to see this magazine disappear-but will look for you in creating keepsakes. thank you for all the wonderful help you've given me.

Vicki Lish

I am so sad to read your news. I thought it was "the end of the world as I know it" until I read that at least you will still be contributing to Creating Keepsakes. The legacy that Stacy Julian has created and the concepts within it have changed my scrapbooking philosophy a great deal, and it is what pulls me back when I start to drift toward craziness and time constraints.
Best wishes and thank you for sharing.

Julie Kelly

Looks like I'm late to the funeral. Just got my March/April issue, and was sad to see such drastic changes, so I came online to see what I could find out. I share the feelings of so many who have already posted, and I will truly mourn the loss of Simple Scrapbooks. Not only was I a Simple follower, I encouraged my local shop to carry the magazine and told all my friends to subscribe. Farewell to all the fantastic ladies who taught and inspired me, not to mention who shared their lives with all of us. You will be missed.


Oh!!!!!!!!!!! So sad for SS magazine! I m socked!!!! It used to be my favorite. Well I couldn't continue with CK coz I didn't like that coz In my frame SS was favorite. I loved SS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks SS for all the great issues and information which you have given to me in past years. All the best to all of u……………



Oh no!! I just heard the news! SS got me back into scrapbooking after having quit the hobby for years due to being so overwhelmed. People like Stacy, Cathy, and the gang helped me to think outside the CK box and gave me permission to get back in to focus on what's really important and why I was drawn to scrapbooking in the first place. I'm so sad since I purposely chose SS over my CK subscription which I let drop! I hope to see lots of the SS basics, clean lines, and organizational focus in the upcoming CK. Ahhh, I'm so sad that I finally found my niche in SS and now it's gone. Waaa!!!


I'm with someone above who said they started scrapbooking b/c of SS. I don't like any of those other magazines.... It was so different from everything else -- how could it be the one to go???? :-(

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I am so sad! I can only hope much of your content will make the move over to CK.


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This is truly heartbreaking. For some time I was overwhelmed with scrapbooking.

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