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January 15, 2009


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I have loved Simple Scrapbooks & am saddened to see it go. Stacy Julian has truly led the industry IMHO in making scrapbooking accessible & meaningful for many many people. I don't have to be a super-artist in order to scrapbook. SS will be missed. :(


Wow! I am so sorry to hear this. SS is my favorite magazine, and the Simple Staff/Friends/Designers are all amazing. You will be missed, but I do hope they transition into a bigger, even better CK.


ss will be so missed! wishing you all the best as you make the transition.


WOW!! I can't believe it and you will all be greatly missed!

Amanda D

Bummer! I was happy my Creating Keepsakes sub was almost over! And now I get more instead of Simple Scrapbooks?!? This sucks! :(
You will be sorely missed. :(


Oh I am truly saddened for everyone. I have every single issue of SS and it will be truly missed.


SS was my favorite. I kept it going after dropping CK and those other SB mags. I hope SS is a BIG part of CK or I will not be continuing.

Debbie Hodge

oh! SS has become my favorite magazine. It's a lovely treat and a great source of inspiration. I am so sad that it's not going to continue in its current form. Thanks for all the great issues and info you have given in past years.


So so sad!!! I loved SS!!! I had let CK go because it just didn't fit me and SS was my favorite. Boohoo!!!


ooooh. Man. I will definitely miss you all...I hope you have a BIG part in CK. This is such a bummer. Wishing all of you SS staff and editors all the best as you make the transition!


Oh, how heart breaking for the staff! I will truly miss this magazine!

Jenny L.



I am so sad! Simple Scrapbooks was such a high quality magazine - I looked forward to it more than any other magazine! You should all be proud of the excellent publication you produced, and I hope to see a big SS presence in CK. Thanks for all the inspiration you have given me over the years, and best of luck to all of you.


SS is my fave magazine. I am at least glad it will be a part of CK. Boy, I did not want to hear this news. PLease include lots of Simple ideas in the CK!!

lisa Edney

So sad to hear this, I adore SS. I'm glad to hear many of the features will be included in CK as I find them highly valuable!

Emilie Ahern

Been crying for a few days now.
So sad I never got to serve my term as a Simple Gal.


SS is my favorite scrapbook magazine too. Please include as much of the SS concepts as you can in CK! The more the better.

Kris Van Allen

I am so sad to see the end of the full SS magazine...I do look forward to the inclusion of SS ideals into CK, but I firmly believe that the industry and we scrappers will miss having SS on the stands and in our mailboxes.

All my best to SS staffers!! Thanks for all you've given us over the years.

judy in carefree

Good luck to all of you!!!!!!!!!!


oh gosh, you guys have been so wonderful. im so sorry to hear this! but will be happy looking for you in CK :)


Simple Scrapbook was the reason I started this hobby. I was so overwhelmed by those other magazines, they looked so complicated but SS was clear and concise. I'm glad I kept all my magazines to this day--they are valuable! Thanks SS staffers, you will be missed!

Joy U

This makes me so sad. I have been a fan of SS since the very first issue. Thank you for all the inspiration throughout the years.

lovely cee.

also a farewell from you guys tonight?
this is so sad:(
but thank you so much for all the service you've done in scrapbooking industry.

Tammy Barkey

I feel the same way as many subscribers. I let my other scrapbook magazine subscriptions go and have only been subscribing to Simple Scrapbooks, feeling that it was the best. I was stunned at the news and look forward to seeing the addition to CK as I have noticed the changes recently implemented at CK that have begun attracting me back.


I feel as if I have lost a long time friend. I can't imagine scrapping without this magazine and all the lovely SS people. I've always felt that your magazine reflected exactly what my style was. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your years of inspiring creativity. :(

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