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January 13, 2009


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Emilie Ahern

Cathy Z always makes me smile.
Or flat out laugh.
She is fabulous!
Even in pajamas.

Linda Barber

Dia de Los Muertos pj bottoms? Where did she even find that? LOL!

Tina Cockburn

Love the skull jams and the head set. Girl's got some style!

Aly D

LOL! awesome.

Katie Scott

announcement on the new simple gals? can't wait to see the new team :)


I wear my PJ's all day unless I have to go out...I call it a perk of working from home :)


LOL I'm sure Cathy just loves that pic!

Stephanie Howell

what?? is it not the norm to stay in your pjs all day? that's what we do around here!

emily pitts

lucky [in my best napoleon dynomite voice]

Alis in Wnderlnd

We live for PJ days! simply FAB-u-lous.

I'm just trying to get over that she's in a short sleeved sweater when it's WAY below freezing! I am totally bundled up AND I turned the heat up since it's -16!

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