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January 15, 2009


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Sue Madex

Oh no - my favourite magazine. Wishing you all the best as you transition to your new roles.


this is really really sad!!


I'm in shock! My heart is breaking. I love SS and many of the people I've met through the years. My prayers are with you through this transitional time.

Tiffany Sherman

I can't believe it! Simple Scrapbooks is the only scrapbooking magazine I subscribe to. I'm truly upset by this! Good luck to all of you at the magazine. I hope all will find their way to a happy workplace.

Terri Paulson-Sasaki

This is beyond sad. I really prefer Simple Scrapbooks over CK. This is the best magazine out there in the industry. Now, what am i going to do?

Julie Mitchell from Canada

So very sad this morning. This was truely the best magazine for me.

jen t.

sad to hear the news abouit simple! best of luck to you all! jen t.


I'm very sad at your announcement. I've loved every issue of Simple Scrapbooks as it 'spoke' to the scrapbooker in me. I hope that the merging of CK and SS will result in many continued SS layouts, columns etc. and won't be pushed to 1-2 pages in the back.

I also met a wonderful group of people via your early message board. We are now a private group but close nonetheless. Thank you for the vehicle to meet and interact with this wonderful group!

I hope the SS and Simple Studio blogs can be incorporated into the CK website so they can continue.

Thanks, Angie.


Oh, I am so sad. This is my favorite magazine of all time and it is hands down the best source of inspiration. Please tell me you're going to continue with special issues or something!!! I'm going to miss you guys!


I am SO sad to hear this, Simple Scrapbook is my favorite! How I wish Creating Keepsake would of folded and Simple would of went on. I Have dropped my CK subscription because I don't think it is worth it! Bummer again.

Jennifer McGuire

I can't really say anything that hasn't already been said. Just know that I thank you and the Simple staff from the bottom of my heart. SS is the reason I'm a scrapbooker. I love the magazine and it's philosophy. I will miss it more than I can express in words. I am shocked and saddened by this news, but I am glad that I have been along for the ride. It's been a such a part of my life and I will miss SS.


I am also curious what will happen to our subscriptions. This is sad, I just signed for a 2009 sub online a week ago or so... I look forward to seeing how you combine w/ CK mag.


You will be missed.

My thoughts - http://blog.jamiescraps.com/2009/01/so-sad.html.


I am really sadden to hear this news. I love your magazine. I realize that you will be moving into the creating keepsakes mag, that is not one that I usually buy. I have purchased CK a few times but really did not find anything of interest in it for me. So I feel as though I will be losing a very good mag without a replacement. I may try one of the CK mags after the switch but for the price I just don't know.



First Digital, now Simple. I'm so sad for all of your staff that will end up losing their jobs, and so sad to lose my two favorite reads. Best of luck with the transition.

Karen Glenn

Dear Angie, Wendy, Cathy, Carolyn, Jen, etc,

Love to you and everyone on the Simple Team. I have so enjoyed working with you all--you are the very best!

This all still feels very surreal to me. I believe I have had an article, project or layout in virtually every issue since Simple started. It feels incredibly strange and sad to think that I lived through the entire life-cycle of a magazine.

I agree with Angie's statement that Simple is a 'fantastic, helpful, top-notch, high-quality, unique, and wonderful in all ways product...nothing short of "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious"'(and well done spelling that, too!). My one consolation is that I have a lifetime subscription to CK and I look forward to seeing the Simple story continue in a new format.



Stacy A

Of all the mags to "kill", this was the worst choice. To me, SS was the lifesaver of my scrapbooking interest. Just when I was ready to chuck the whole thing (because of frustration of the increasing frufy-ness and "artsyness" of scrapping trends and the seeming loss of the whole point of scrapping -- to preserve memories), I came across an SS issue and realized there was still sanity in the world. Then I got off on cards for a couple of years and put scrapping aside. Now that I've decided to go back to my first love (scrapping) and just sent off a check for a two year subscription (the ONLY magazine I had any desire to spend money on), it's being "absorbed" into a magazine I don't love. I don't "hate" CK, but ... I have the feeling I, as a simple scrapper, am going to be left out in the cold again.

SS ... thank you so much for all you did to remind the world what scrapping is REALLY about, and for bringing a breath of sanity to a world that is often just plain insane these days. You will be sorely, sorely missed.


Very sad, because in France we don't have a mag like Simple Scrap, you're the best for me.
think about all the people who work for it.
Claire from France

Jenn Johnson

NOOOOOO!!!! Is it terribly akward if I shed a couple tears. No other magazine gives me the same inspiration. This is severly unfair.


I'm so so saddened by this announcement. While I subscribe to both SS and CK....I've always connected more to the SS magazine. I often find myself just quickly leafing through CK with not a whole lot to keep my interest......but I spend hours devouring SS not once but often again months down the road.
I truly hope SS will not get lost in the shadows of CK and totally fall by the wayside.

Kelly J

I have been sad ever since I heard the news. When I first heard the Simple philosophy of focusing on the stories you have to tell, I knew it was for me. Thank you for the memories and all the effort that went in to each issue. I hope Simple will truly live on in CK. Love you all!

Sev from france

I can't believe it.
I'm sad, shocked, desperate.
Can't imagine I won't find it in my box anymore.
You are in my thoughts.

Sev, France

Rachael Giallongo

I am so sad to see Simple Scrapbooks go. :(

Jeanne Pellerin

Can't live without my Cathy Zielske/Simple fix!!

emily minton

I am so sad. SS was my first and all-time favorite scrapping magazine. The concept, the people, it felt like home to me. I am so sad. :(

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