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January 15, 2009


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emily pitts

this breaks my heart. simple has been a part of my growth as a scrapper. i can trace so much of my ability to the ideas i got out of your magazine. i've made so many friends through this venue, the message boards and the magazine itself. i am truly going to miss this blog and the connection i've had. thank you to everyone at simple for all the good times. this will take a while to digest. i'm sorry. i will look forward with a great amount of hope that CK will be able to carry out what they are trying to do by bringing simple back in. i'm sorry angie.


I really, really hope that the SS presence online remains a force...it'll sort of make up for the loss of it all.

Gosh, this is making me so sad! You guys have done such a wonderful job over the years.


Never mind. I just read the post below this one. Sorry :oP

Linda Barber

I'm so terribly sad. I remember reading the very first issue of Simple, and having that feeling that I had found what I was looking for.

Everyone in the office: you guys are awesome, and I will miss working with you all!


This is really sad news. Simple is simply the best scrapping magazine. Your philosophy is what scrapping is all about in my eyes!
I guess it does make sense in these tough times. I hope the simple ideal doesn't get lost in CK because for us 'simple' girls its about the words and pictures not the products!!
I am really glad my special album will appear in one of the last issues!
At least I can keep in touch with all the simple gals through their blogs!
Thanks for everything to EVERYONE at Simple...you will be missed heaps!!

marie taylor

I too am very, very saddened by this news. This magazine has been such a big part of my family. I'm sad for my sister who has said more than once that picking up Simple was a life changing experience for her and I'm sad for me because in turn it became a life changing experience for me too. Thank you all for working so hard and for letting me be a part of it a few times. And thanks for all the inspiration.


Angie, you are such a classy lady. I know this must be a difficult time for you. I am so grateful for Simple - for being published, as it led to the creation of my business - and for the inspiration and comfort it has offered so many readers - making scrapbooking accessible and fun. Thank you for being part of something so important. Hugs!


No. Please say it isn't so. Simple is the one scrapbooking magazine that is HOME to me. All the other magazines, I can take or leave, but Simple Scrapbooks speaks to me and what I want to accomplish as a scrapbooker. Simple and all of you lovely people associated with it have helped me find my voice as a scrapbooker. I am incredibly sad today.

allison Gottlieb

Simple has become my most cherished magazine. I look forward to each and every issue. I am sad beyond words.


I am so sad to hear this news. SS is my favorite of all the magazines out there.


I'm so sad about this, Angie. I love Simple and everything about it. Thank you so much for everything.


This is so sad. I love this magazine...and everyone involved. Thank you for the inspiration over the years!


This is sad, sad news. I've always loved Simple. So sad. :(


Sad to hear, especially after we just lost Digital Scrapbooking Magazine.

I still haven't heard anything about a refund on my Digital Scrapbooking mag, I'm really hoping we all see some money back.

Rochelle Bell

NO!! After paying $15 a magazine here in Australia, we're about to move to Oregon, USA. I have just a couple of days ago bought a subscription so I can finally get my favourite magazine. I wonder what will happen to my subscription now?

Mary F

wow, as a subscriber to both this is the your was the one I acctually read cover to cover - the other get too showy and some of their l/o's have much more time than I have-that's why simple was so great I could relate-hopefully you will not be lost in the covers of ck. Thanks and best wishes to all.

Marcie Howe

What a loss. I feel so sad. I'm glad to hear many of you will continue with CK.

Jill Pugh

I am SO sad. The main CK magazine just doesn't speak to me....which is why I was an early subscriber to SS. This is a great loss in the scrapbook community as the trend seems to be to get more and more detailed pages.


I'm so, so sad to read this.

SS has been such an inspiration to me for years, now.


I am stunned... SS is the only subscription I hold as it was so how I scrapped.

All the best to everyone involved with SS and may you all have continued success in whatever new ventures you undertake.

Mia Castrillo

I feel so sad about this! SS has always been one of my favorite mags. Read my blog post at http://mcastrillo.blogspot.com. :-(


Wow. I'm so sorry to hear this. I love Simple, it was like a breath of fresh air. I hope everyone on the talented staff finds a new home at CK and keeps the simple style alive and well!

Dawn Ramkissoon (rn4jchrist)

I am just so sad.
and shocked
and sad.
What am I to do??
I'm so sad.
Thanks for all the wonderful work and inspiration in all your mags/special editions etc. YOU GUYS ROCK!


i am so surprised and sad! i actually felt a bang in my heart when i read this. Bam! i love this magazine, it's been my favorite one since it started. i look forward to re-introducing CK to the Simple style. i'll be on the lookout to make sure it's represented well. Thank you for all your wonderful work. i've enjoyed SS immensely.

Becky N.

Wow. Sad news. I've enjoyed it from the start and I'm sad to see it go because as others said, it was the first mag that really fit me. Best wishes to all of the staff as you go on to new ventures. I've kept all my issues and I know they will continue to give me endless inspiration but I've always looked forward to new issues to keep fresh. Now I'll return to CK and look for you there. Thanks again for all the years.

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