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January 15, 2009


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Andrea L

That is really sad it was the only magazine I truely loved and hung onto.

I too would love to know what is happening to the subs I just bought one for Christmas and haven't even received my first copy.

alexandra s.m.

how very very SAD indeed...i'm at a loss of words...Simple was so unique...i like and subscribe to CK as well but having some simple in Ck just does not sound right...thank you guys, each of you, i can only imagine how you must be feeling :-(


I am completely sadden by this news. As I am sure you and everyone with SS. I just hope you will continue with the mini albums features, when you aboard CK, those were one of my favorite features with SS.
As I just had renewed my subscription with SS. I guess I would be curious if they are planning to adopt my remaining issues, I had on my subscription, like other scrapbook magazines have done when they closed.
Gosh, I really can't believe this is about to happen.

Kim C.

It has taken a couple of days to process the information. I've shed a few tears. I feel like I've lost a friend. Thank you SS team for sharing your time, talent, and wonderful philosophy. You have revolutionized the industry.
How exactly will our subscriptions be honored by CK? Will they match the number of issues or the length of time? Thanks again for a wonderful ride!


Well, I am sorry to hear this. To be honest, I prefer SS over CK. I have found that SS is more informative and coaches/mentors much better than CK (which seems to want to "showcase" work more than offer tips and inspiration to generate personal creativity.) I will miss SS. I'm not sure I'll move to CK-not unless there is a very discernible difference. At the same time, I understand how the current economy is impacting everyone. I hope all goes well for you as you transition and that it all works together for good.


How is it that when I discover a mag I LOVE and get ready to subscribe to that this happens?? The content is different from CK (read: better) and fits my lifestyle and crafting style so much better. Apparently I'm not alone. I know these are tougher times but it seems like if each mag kept it''s focus and there were fewer special issues that oftentimes were too specialized, we could keep the budget balanced and keep the good stuff going. I'm sorry for the staff at this difficult time. It certainly isn't lack of talent or dedication on your parts--you do an AWESOME job!!


so sad


I am so sorry to hear about the magazine. It was a wonderful source of inspiration and creativity and was always a favorite of mine. I totally understand the reasoning in these very uneasy times...

Brigid G

Oh no! This is so sad. I really hope that they can place all of the folks from SS into new positions at CK. There is talent there that just shouldn't be lost! When they canceled Digital Scrapbooking, I thought to myself, "Well, at least I still have Simple Scrapbooks!" Now I don't even have that! I hope that CK becomes a bit more cool and modern, as that was what attracted me to Simple in the first place -- I saw it as a magazine for a younger, more hip audience.

Sheryl C

This is so sad as Simple is one of my favourite magazines. I wish you luck in your transition with CK. Thanks for everything.

Ginger B.

I just got a subscription to both for Christmas,so I would also like some info on how this will work.BUMMER,I just love both magazines for the different things they offered.

June Ferguson

Like many others, SS was the only subscription I kept active after letting several others go. I am proud to say that I was a Charter Subscriber to SS and I am so very glad that I have saved every issue! It is the only magazine that I referred back to regularly instead of just keeping them in a box on the shelf. Please know that I wish the best for all of you in the future!


I've been a Simple groupie for years...by far my favorite (and only) scrapbooking mag and I'm so sad to see it go. My husband was laid off this year, so I particularly feel for the Simple staff. You have built a great community through all of your great ideas and your positive energy. Thanks for all the inspiration over the years!


I am so, so sad over this. I found Simple a year and a half ago and was and still am thrilled that there was a scrapbooking group just like me. It inspired me in so many ways, and I am truly going to miss it.

Antonia B.D.

Dear Angie:

I will not waste words trying to describe how sad I am. That goes without saying, for you were the first scrapbooking magazine I ever read and the last up to this point. You taught me everything that I wished to know, and thanks to you, I can proudly call myself a scrapbooker.

However, what I wanted to ask was, if the crisis stopped and you got enough requests, would it be possible for Simple Scrapbooks to be up and running on it's own again?

Jane S.

I am devastated. I've loved the magazine since it began--still have probably every issue. The only scrapbook magazine I subscribe to and read obsessively several times during the two months between issues. We will miss you and Wendy and Cathy and so many others -- Beth Proudfoot, Rebecca Cooper, Margaret Scarborough, Elisha Snow. Please keep their voices (and pages) alive and present in CK. Also, don't forget the simple albums! There's nothing like it in CK.

Annie Thompson

I am SHOCKED, I will miss Simple, I started scrapping about 2 1/2 years ago, working on albums, pages for my grandaughters, and the simple format of Simple was so easy to follow. I also subsribe to CK, so will you let us SS subscriber where you will be in CK.
I truly understand with our economy at the worst, but you will be missed, I look forward to working with your awesome staff in CK. I love the simplicity.
All the BEST to EVERYONE...
Annie Thompson :-)


This is so sad. My subscription to Simple is what changed the way I scrapbook. It made Stacey J one of my top 20 people I would like to meet. I really hope the blog keeps going even after the magazine stops. It would be so great to still have some Simple inspiration.

Donna C

I am soooo bummed. I am a charter subber and have really felt like I'm losing a friend. I covet my SS and have even been lucky enough to have met Miss Stacy IRL!! (Totally fascinating and smart and beautiful lady...of course you all knew that!) I truly hope the "Simple philosophy" can be incorporated into CK as with all of the challenges we face in our world, we could all use a little simplifying! I for one have been forced to really USE my stash rather than buy more and it's actually been very fun and increased my creativity! Love to all of you and best of luck to the "front and back" office with your future jobs. It would be fantastic if they would take you all into the fold of CK, but that's just my wishful thinking. Peace.


Angie I am saddened to hear the news. I love this magazine and enjoy getting it in the mail. I do have a question's though. I just renewed my subscription to Simple Scrapbook in November and I am suppose to get 12 Issues. I already subscribe to Creating Keepsakes and Paper Crafts Magazine as well plus Scrapbooks,Etc. and Memory Makers. What will they do about the remainder subscriptions people have left for the magazines that they are not going to have anymore? Thank you Angie.

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This is so sad as Simple is one of my favourite magazines.


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