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January 15, 2009


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Jennifer Larson

How sad. I have loved your magazine for its timelessness. I am glad it will still continue in its albeit small venue as a part of CK.

melanie louette

I love you guys, and was so, so deeply saddened to hear this news. Simple was the first scrapping magazine that ever felt 'right' to me, and I will miss it immensely. I hope there will still be a niche for us simple scrappers in the new CK.

Thank you all for making Simple a truly great magazine, and for the pleasure of working with you this past year. I'm one of the lucky ones. :)
Sending all of the SS staff a huge cyber hug- I wish all of you the best of luck on this new path.

Tina Cockburn

I'm still speechless. Which is saying a lot for me.

Hugs to you all.

Stephanie Klauck

I have loved Simple since I started scrapbooking and I am so sad to hear this news.
I have enjoyed working with all of you so much and I look forward to seeing you all in what promises to be a great CK - how can it not with all of you on board?!?
Best of luck to all of you, and more importantly - Thank you! Thank you for all of the inspiration, the stories and for making us all feel like a part of the Simple team. :-)

Tiffany N

I am sad to lose my favorite magazine but thrilled that it won't actually be lost. I look forward to the Simple content in CK. I know transitions are sometimes very challenging, and I wish you and all the Simple team the best of luck in handling it all. We are rooting for you.
P.S. Thank you for the years of inspiration and ideas. My family has really benefited from Simple Scrapbooks.


Really, really sad news. However, as a subscriber of both mags, I am happy to hear the content will be rolled into CK. I hope you are right ... this will be the end of the beginning of many new wonderful things.


Wow, I'm in shock at this sad news. Thank you to simple for all the great ideas and inspiration over the years. I will miss a scrapbooking magazine that I can actually read as well as look at the great designs. I hope CK carry you well and remain faithful to the simple way of doing things.

katie scott

Angie - I think you may know this already, but I absolutely love all that is Simple Scrapbooks, the people, the philosophy and the magazine. I think of the Simple Blog as my own little coffee break friend. I have completely enjoyed my time as a Simple Scrapbooks Fan and have learned so much about scrapbooking and life and everyday gratitude and making connnections about my life. Overall Simple has been a huge positive force in my life for the past few years. I am so thrilled that I reached my goal of having a layout in Simple - mine will be in the March/April issue. I will really miss Simple and will look for you in Creating Keepsakes and in special issues. Thank you Simple Scrapbooks.

Melissa Kaiserman

So, so, so sad. As someone on a budget and needing to choose just one, SS is the only scrapbooking mag subscription I've ever purchased. It just fits. I really hope we'll see its whole philosophy & approach clearly infused into CK.

Hugs to you, Angie, and to the rest of the staff.

katie scott

I love Simple and have felt so fortunate to be a Simple Fan and want you to know what a positive effect Simple has had on my life. For everyone involved in the magazine - you all are awesome! Good Luck. I will so miss this magazine!

katie scott

sorry for the double I didn't think the first one went through. but ps. I love you guys.


thank you angie for the update and for years of a great magazine. thank you jennafer, wendy, jen, cathy, and carolyn, for all that you do to provide us with a magazine that is instructional, inspirational, and just darn good fun. i look forward to seeing the new and improved ck! Simple is not just a great magazine, but an exceptional life philosophy. Thank you Stacy for creating such an amazing community - I can say without reservation or exaggeration that Simple has changed my life. thank you. i cannot say it enough.


All I can say is that I'm heartbroken right now. Yeah, that's all I have in me. And I MUST go get my SIMPLE gear at Cafe Press. big sigh


oh my! I'm so sorry! Sorry for all of you who work so hard at my FAVORITE magazine and sorry for myself that I won't be reading you for years to come! Thank you so much for the years we had you!


Wow! What a loss to the scrapbooking community, that the voice of "simple" scrapbooking isn't going to have it's own vehicle. I truly hope the transition into CK allows for those who are dedicated to the "simple" principles to continue to have their vision supported. Thank you to you and the staff at Simple Scrapbooks for all the gifts and talents you have shared with us. I will miss this magazine immensely.

Holly A. Moss

No, please. What will I do without you all?


Oh Angie, I am so sad for you and the rest of the Simple team. You guys poured your heart and soul into every single issue, and it showed. I'm glad to hear that Simple will live on within the covers of CK... and I'll be sure to keep on reading and supporting the magazine and gleaning inspiration from my favourite Simple peeps. Thank you, thank you, a million thank yous for all the great ideas you've provided over the years.


I feel like I have lost a friend :(
I know with you there Angie (plus Cathy, Wendy & Stacy), CK will only become that much better by including the Simple philosophy.
Thank you to everyone whose blood, sweat, tears and inspiration went into every single publication.
You will be missed...

Karen Peterson

What a bummer as SS is my favorite of the magazines. The really disappointing thing is that I called the customer service number to inquire about my subscription and the personnel there don't even know about this and are still accepting subscriptions and renewals, wow!


NO NO NO!!!! This is devastating - Simple Scrapbooks has been with me my whole scrapping journey and is the only magazine I ever turn to. It is also the only magazine I have ever kept and still have every single issue right from the first.

WHAAAAAAAAA Such a sad, sad day :((


Thank you Angie and the entire SS team for years of inspiration. SS completely changed the way I scrap...I'm absolutely devastated that it is coming to an end and cautiously hopeful that the spirit and philosophy of SS will live strong and prosper as a part of CK. Hugs to everyone...it's been a pleasure to work with you and hopefully our paths will cross again.


I feel compelled to leave a comment, but I can't express to you how I'm feeling. Just know that I love you guys and I'm just hoping for the best for you. And thank you for everything.


So very saddened about this. Both magazines are the best quality and value out there.

Mary Rogers

I am just so sad - first Digital Scrapbooking and Simple..but i completely understand.

thanks so all that you have done to inspire me to be creative.


What will happen to the balance of our subscriptions? Will we be given subs to CK to fulfill our subs with SS? If we already sub to both mags, will it be added to our CK sub?

I am so sad about this. I love this mag. One of my faves.

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