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December 10, 2008


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Katie Scott

Goodness sakes. I think you deserve a day off :) Plus the whole Superwoman this is highly overrated. P.S. Do you have snow in Utah? I so want to take my family to Utah someday to see the snow & go skiing. Where is the best place to go?

Judy in Huntsville [al]

Goodness - I think you're on that roller coaster ride my family *enjoyed* in 2007. Praying for you and your loved ones as you hold each other tight and enjoy the togetherness of the season!


honey. you need a bath. a foot rub. a hug. and a lotta love. i am so sorry for your very very hard couple of weeks. i hope things get better. much better. and soon. very soon.


Okay, I forgive you. :)

Aly D

holy smokes, girl! maybe santa will give you a gift card to the spa...you deserve it! i hope things calm down a bit and that you and your family enjoy an uneventful (but wonderful) holiday.


Angie, wow! You've been through the wringer these past weeks. I hope everything gets better for you and your loved ones really soon.


I'm exhausted just reading about it all...

Go soak in a nice hot bath you deserve it!


there you are...we were worried about you!! here's hoping all of your family is doing better...and that you get some much needed. well deserved rest. =)


Geez, Angie! What a crazy time for you and your family. Love and prayers with you all.

Holly A. Moss


All is forgiven - now go soak in the tub, turn on your favorite tunes & relax for awhile. I think you have totally earned yourself some 'downtime'.

I am glad your family is okay - relatively speaking. Hang in there.

Holly :-)

elizabeth rosemond

My goodness! I agree with everyone else...a day of pampering is definitely in order!!

elizabeth rosemond

My goodness! I agree with everyone else...a day of pampering is definitely in order!!


Angie - That is so much more than one person should be handed at once but I'm so glad the worst of it for you is a cold sore. Hope your well deserved week off last week had some calm in it if not have a weekend of nothing starting tomorrow!


goodness! you deserve a break for christmas! glad to hear you survived the month.

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