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October 17, 2008


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Can't wait for the special issue. I want it NOW!

Nicky H

You editorial folks actually look at the things posted on the website as potential material for the magazines and books? I'm impressed! :)


That idea book totally rocks! Darn you Simple editors for coming up with great books that I keep buying and buying, even though I don't have any time to create all the projects on the pages I dog-ear! I'm going to have to find another shelf to store all the special issues of Simple I keep buying.

Nicole Harper

are you KIDDING me Angie?!! HOLY WOW!!! i can't believe this!!! WOOOOOOOOOOT!!!!!

(i'm kind of excited!!)

young c-m

Wow, that's so cool! Thanks for sharing. My random share: I'm really excited about CKC Seattle - looking forward to being around all that creative energy!


Loving the special issue and can't wait for it.

I'm so excited to hear what's up with the fabulous Lain Ehmann!

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