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March 09, 2009


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Holly A. Moss

My heart is breaking all over again *sniff, sniff*! I am going to miss this last thread of Simple . . . but my heart is a bit lighter knowing that you aren't disappearing for good!

I'll be following you over to your new blog, for sure! You can't get rid of me that easy (LOL!)! :)

And good for you for doing what you felt was right for you. I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors, whatever direction & wherever they take you.



We'll miss this blog, the mag, everything... glad we'll still have a way to keep in touch.

Judy in huntsville [al]

so sad - so sad - so SAD! But I am SO GLAD that you're going to continue on the web so I can stay in touch with you! Change is hard [even good change] but I'm sure you're on your way to making a success out of it!

Tamara Morrison

I *heart* you, Angie! :)


Nicky H

I'm sad. Again. But I wish you the best of luck with your new blog. I promise to check it out. Thanks again for all of the behind the scenes stuff. I love that part. :) Take care of yourself. Tell all the others that we'll miss them, too.

Jennifer Larson

OK, this post almost made me cry. Simple did more for helping me become more "me" as a scrapper than anything else out there--and this blog did in particular. I still remember one of the first LOs I made from a challenge by you. Thank you again, thank you so much. I will be at your new space as soon as it's up!

Sorry if I sound like a lurker.


I've never read this blog before, and even I'M about to cry.
Good luck to you.

P.S. Anyone who can quote the Simpsons off the top of their head is a friend of mine. (:


Simple will be missed. Best of luck to you!

katie scott

Oh Angie - I have so enjoyed your Simple blog for so long & I know I will love your new blog. I'm finding your attitude very inspiring. And, though I don't use this phrase very often, I feel the need to say "You go girl!"


I feel so sad because I only recently discovered the Simple blog and now it's over. But I'm adding you to my list of bloggers to follow Angie. And that list is getting quite long!


thank you for passing out such great info on the up and coming with "Simple" - everyone and everything you did will surely be missed by MANY!!! I'm looking forward to your new venture, but also keeping up with the Simple philosophy that I hope to see CK maintain :-)


So, I was innocently searching for an online version of the "Coach Stacy" 40 photo album project and I came upon this-- SS discontinued? I am crushed! Crushed. My favorite magazine in the scrapbooking world. Gone. So many good ideas- gone! Poof!


I love your magazine and I'm really sad to see it go. what is happening to all the Home decor and crafts magazines? "Home" "House and Garden" and I can't find many of the BH&G specialty pubs that I used to. Sad.


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I so miss Simple. Just thinking about that today.

I wrote this post in homage to Simple:

Three simple scrapbooking designs in case anyone's looking for new inspiration!

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