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January 11, 2009


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katie scott

One of my co-workers is a natural blonde with very long thick hair. On Friday she surprised everyone by coming in with a super cute short haircut. She donated to Locks of Love. And my daughter's best friend has five sisters all with super long blonde hair & they did it too. I would do it but my hair is completely colored. Maybe we'll grow my daughter's hair out for this. Good luck with your hair growing - you might want to try taking over the counter pre-natal vitamins - they help with your hair & nails - even if you are't expecting.


Maddie saw this picture and was asking me about it and after I explained what you all were doing, she said she wants to grow her hair out again, too--so I think she and I might join you! (Gracie is not interested in getting her hair cut for any reason. Heh.)


This organization is very near and dear to my heart. My 15 yr old daughter was diagnosed with cancer last May and the first thing she wanted to do, was donate her long hair before she lost it all to her chemotherapy treatments.
The joy this brings to the donor and the donee is wonderful to see.
Thank you Angie, Megan and Wendy for blogging about this so hopefully some people who never knew this even existed will now be aware.
I hope and pray all of your loved ones come through this cancer battle victorious.

elizabeth rosemond

I just joined your FB group. I've been wanting to do this for some time and this was the kick in the pants that I needed. I just took 4 inches off, so I have to start fresh, but I'm ready!!


huge hugs to you both. and i'll be rooting for you.


Oh, what a great idea, I'm in!!!! My hair is just below chin length now but it grows FAST and it's completely uncolored and super healthy. I'll go join the Facebook group now.

Sorry to hear about your sister-in-law and Megan's mom...I hope with all my heart that they will win their battle with cancer.


I'm going this weekend to have the cut made, but I'm sending my donation to Pantene Beautiful Lengths. I lost my mom to cancer a few years ago and this hits home to me. I think it's a great way to do something selfless and to help others!

Good for all of you that have made similar comments!


I did this in 2007 and it feels really good (though, being Canadian, I donated to Angel Hair, the Canadian equivalent of Locks of Love). I'm so proud of you girls for doing this.

I've been wearing my hair super short since I did this but my dd is growing her hair for a wedding this summer and will probably want to cut it after. Thanks for the reminder to me to tell her about donation!


Hi Angie!

This is such an incredibly generous thing you, Megan, and Wendy are doing! I know how attached we all can be to our hair and parting with it is a big deal! Not to mention growing it out! The happiness you will bring to those receiving your donation is immeasurable. The difference between a real hair wig and a fake one is like night and day. What you three are doing is so awesome!
You probably won't remember me, but I met you at CHA in Chicago this summer. I was there with three friends collecting donations for the Crop for a Cure event we had in Duluth, MN to raise money for the Young Survival Coalition (YSC), the only non-profit organization focused on the issues of breast cancer in young women. I am a breast cancer survivor. I was diagnosed when I was 32 with stage 3 breast cancer. I had a mastectomy, chemo, radiation, and eventually reconstruction. I have devoted my time to starting my area chapter of the YSC to help other young women who are on the same journey. I know she is probably still reeling from her diagnosis, but please hook your sister-in-law up with the YSC. It is so incredibly powerful to know that there are thousands of young survivors out there willing to share, connect, support, and relate to you when you need them. There's all kinds of information and support available, and the online message boards are a Godsend. Additionally, the Young Survival Coalition is not just for your sister. It is a coalition of survivors and supporters, so you, her familly, and friends can all join and help support her and the cause at the same time. On February 27th, the YSC is hosting the 9th Annual Conference for Young Women Affected by Breast Cancer. It is a wonderful conference with loads of workshops, speakers, and hundreds of other young breast cancer survivors! She should definitely check it out. There are even scholarships available. The YSC can be reached on the internet at www.youngsurvival.org . There may even be a chapter in her area. The Conference website is www.youngsurvivorsconference.org . Also, please feel free to contact me or give your sister-in-law my email. I'd love to help in any way I can.
In Hope,

Alane Davis
email: yscduluth@youngsurvival.org

Linda Barber

Yeah for Locks of Love! I've grown it once for them, and once for Pantene's Beautiful Lengths (http://beautifullengths.com/en_US/).

Such a worthwhile thing to do. We might all get waaaay too attached to our hair sometimes, but it's a reminder of how lucky I am to be able to grow it back.

Angie and Megan, hugs! My prayers are with your family!

Aly D

great thing for you ladies to do to help others in this way. amazing how cancer affects so many of us. both my daughters have donated to locks of love and it was such a neat experience. one of them has grown hers out again...i'll see if she'll consider donating again. thanks for the inspiration!


Having a brother who was recently diagnosed with cancer, I totally understand how helpless you can feel at times! :P I actually donated my hair last year to this program (thanks to the recommendation of my hairdresser) but I'm totally up for growing it out doing it again! :) What a totally cool campaign you guys have started here...

Judy in Huntsville [al]

I've donated to locks of love in the past - thinking oh it's no big deal to grow my heair out -- but it begin to really BUG ME until I"d take a look at their website and see these precious little ones so proud of their new hair - putting up with longer hair for a few months is small price to pay. You go girls!!


that rocks. last february i participated in my city's "st valentine's day hair massa-cure" for the children's hospital. i shaved my head completely and donated the MANY inches to be used for children's wigs. being bald - completely bald - was an amazing eye-opener to my own feelings on hair (loved my hair, always played with it) and the perceptions others had when you shockingly don't have any... amazing experience.


I actually just donated my hair in November. It was to the bottom of my back and I had been growing it for 2.5 years! It takes quite some time but it such an awesome thing to do. Whenever it got on my nerves I kept thinking about what I was growing it for and that kept me going a little longer. I donated just over 10 inches braided. Keep up the good work!

Sharon F

Good luck on growing out your hair - all of you. I just lost a dear friend to breast cancer - she battled it for 3 years and was able to get some wigs along the way. What you are doing is fantastic. I have colored and very short hair, so may not be able to join in - but will be rooting (get it) for you all from the sidelines.


I have a co-worker who was diagnosed as stage 3 breast cancer and had a double mastectomy in July. She is done with her chemo and almost done with her radiation. She is doing awesome!
The day before she had her surgery, I chopped off my hair and donated it Locks of Love. I'm in the process of growing it back out again and I will donate again.

I also did the Breast Cancer 3 day walk this year for the first time and I will be doing it again until no one else has to hear those scray words "Breast Cancer" ever again. Kudos to everyone doing this. It really makes a difference to the children who will benfit from your gift.


We are cutting my son's hair tonight. He has it grown out and ready to donate!!

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