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January 08, 2009


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Melissa K

Told myself I didn't need a Zutter.

Changed my mind after this post.

Those are really adorable and thoughtful. I'm a lover of old books myself. I think it's the smell. ;)

Stephanie Klauck

Love the journals!
You guys did an awesome job with them! :-)

Kathy Tolleson

Too cute-I know what I will be looking for at the thrift stores.:-)
Kathy T


those are absolutely adorable!


Those are spectacular journals! I especially love the Donna Parker one. I even remember those books at the library when I was in grade school. Gee, that was soooooooooo many years ago...,


Aly D

oooh, i LOVE these! what a wonderful gift...they'll be thrilled to get them.


now coveting the Bind-it-all...great journals!!


OK, I have a Zutter and have barely used it...now I am going to have to scour the garage sales this summer for old books to make awesome journals out of! Thanks for the fun idea!


Too adorable! I HAVE TO get a Bind-it-all.

emily pitts

those are cute :) fun idea!


Oh, I was a big Donna Parker fan back in they day! We used to get those books in thrift sales and at the library. I think my favorite was when Donna went to Hawaii!

Maggie Taylor

Donna Parker Special Agent!! I loved that book! And I still have it in my collection!! I do!
And Enid Blyton. Now there's 1950's retro talent. I still have all those books too.
Ahem, I mean... Drat, did I just show my age?

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