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November 19, 2008


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*snort* I almost choked when I was scrolling through the pictures and saw that one of Snippets in your back pocket. Angie, you crack me up!

Jennifer McGuire

I love all the pictures of Snippets everywhere! It's like Flat Stanley. Anyway, I'm so glad Lain's book is about to be released. I remember telling her over a year ago that I'd love for her to write a book. I'm so glad that my wish came true!


You crack me up!!!

katie scott

1. Yay for Lain! Can't wait to read the book! 2. Somehow I have 2 big picture mousepads - but neither one of them is signed! I may just have to break out a sharpie and forge one!


Love watching Snippets tour the office. What a fun and helpful little gal she is!


Wow! I wish I was as traveled as the little Snippets book. Maybe I'll go sit with Porter Rockwell so I can feel as loved, too! What a hoot :)

Linda Barber

What? Carolyn's cell phone has its own bean bag? LOL! That is awesome. Thanks for the tour, Snippets (and Angie Lucas)! Can't wait to give it a tour of my house. ;)

emily pitts

um, i do believe you have outdone yourself. hee hee. congrats to lain!


ok, really??

you are just crazy, lol.

but we like that, so keep it up!


i'm so sad i missed the party! that photo of snippets in your back pocket totally made me giggle.

Aly D

congrats lain! looks like a fun read. angie...you're too much, LOL!

Laura T.

What fun ways to capture the book I can't wait to get in my hands!

KJ McLean

This was awesome! So much fun!


LOL - now that must be a fun book!


Hi there-
Looks like a fun book.
I am sorry to post this here, but I don't know where else to post...is Rebecca Cooper okay? I miss her blog and have not heard a peep about how she is doing. I am inpsired by her work and just keep wondering so really felt the need to ask.

susan opel

OK, Angie - that was super cute... And I was like DUDE, I recognize that card from somewhere, and then there was the bowl of ...um... pomegranates. Yeah, they traveled all the way from Fort Wayne, IN, to Bluffdale, UT, to sit right there!

Would love to check out the book for sure!

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