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November 12, 2008


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Emilie Ahern

I know it's probably stressful, but GOSH...it looks so FUN!

And baby Shelby...for CUTENESS!

I wouldn't mind being stuck in that room for two days....just as long as the caramels were there too.

Katie Scott

What a cute little baby face! When my babies were babies, I had an in office nursery for them at our law office & everyone in my office LOVED having babies around. Babies can be major stress relievers. Ahhh, those were the days.

Buffy fan

What an adorable baby! I teach the high school kids, and I sometimes forget they were once that cute. : - ) Kidding. Looks like fun!


ADORABLE baby! Wouldn't mind work with a cute thing like that around. ewww and the caramels, too. YUM!
I am really looking forward to the baby issue! Sounds great!


Aaaaaaw, she's soooooo cute. And yes, they do seem to eat EVERYthing at that age. :P

So it's another baby issue, huh? Maybe THIS is the push I'll need to finally get going on my boys' baby pictures. I didn't start scrapping until they were 2 and 4 years old, so I have LOTS and LOTS of photos I'm waiting to scrap. Oh, I know... when this issue comes out, you'll host an awesome baby-themed challenge over on the Studio blog, and I'll finally get off my duff and get those pictures scrapped! :D

Thanks for the little peek into hand-off week!

emily pitts

thanks for the pictures of shelby, she is adorable :) and thanks for behind the scenes stories. they are kind of interesting actually.

melanie louette

Shelby is adorable Rachel! She's gotten big too. ;)

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