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October 21, 2008


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Ooh ooh ooh! I just finished (I know, I'm a little late) Stacy Julian's Library of Memories class and have been printing old photos to use in photo album scrapbooks - this issue could not come at a better time!

*crossing fingers and all other crossable limbs*

Amy A.

The title is truly an attention getter "Scrapbook 200+ photos" in one night. Amazing!!!


Looks like a great special issue!

So, a comment on anything? How about my calendar project. I'm making 6 calendars again this year for family members. I'm paper piecing most of the pages, trying to leave space for photos so that if someone wants to turn it into an album later, they could. I love going back through my special issues and getting inspired by other layouts, ads, cards, etc. Plus, I'm really trying this year to use up my older stuff so that I can justify new stuff!


Quick & Easy Photo Albums...they make the greatest gifts!


I saw this in the current magazines and its on my wish list...now for what I am doing currently...had the kids at school make cards for Cards for heros, now I am finishing up mine...nothing fancy..but still in my crazy life its taking me forever to do them....thanks for the chance!

Nicky H

I can't wait to see that new book! Sounds AWESOME! I was in Stacy's LOM class and this is my favorite scrapbooking! I have a People We Met (since our marriage- and we're military- so that's a lot!) album that is a photo album scrapbook and I love it!


Quick and EASY is just what I need! Thank you for sharing with us!


Huray! I love freebies! Thanks!

Kimberly S.

I would love to win one of these! Wish me luck!


Karen F.

I seriously want that special issue . . . quick & easy anything is right up my alley!!! :)


Looks like such a great special issue! I love the idea of being able to accomplish so much in so short an amount of time!


Oh, I hope it becomes available in Australia before Christmas!! I'm an ideas book junkie, and sometimes I even scrap the ideas from the books!! {and Christmas is the perfect time to play with the pile of photo albums that have been waiting for photos, and this special edition is the perfect book to help me get it don}

Kristy H.

I am always on the lookout for new ideas. This looks like a great place to start!!!


Quick and Easy? Count me in!!! Looks like a great issue.

Kitty Mortimer

I would really like to get this because I need an upper after this long month that still has days to go. My 87 yr old mom fell and hurt herself. My puppy got hit , luckily she is OK, just a huge sore and cut leg, but no bones broken and I got an infection....What more could go wrong?

Please give me a picker-upper win!!!


I'm so excited--I've been waiting for an issue like this! I almost sent an email to the editorial staff to request exactly this special issue. Thank you so much! Even if I don't win this copy I'll be hounding the newsstands until I can get one for myself.


OH this looks SOOOO Good! Can't wait to get my copy, hopefully you'll pick me and I won't have to wait long :)


pick me...pick me! :-)

Theresa Smith

Looks like a great source of inspiration!


I would LOVE to have this issue!

Kim D.

As a mom who works outside the home full time I could use either fast or easy...to have both would be a bonus!

Maple Jenny

My mother is visiting right now, and she's looking through my photos. I'm thinking what a happy surprise it would be for her to get this book or album for Christmas. Pick me, pick my mom. Happy Tuesday!

Shaun Paddock

My little heart desires a cure for MS. I want to run with my kids, tumble with my kids, and even skateboard with my kids. Oh, I my heart desires a copy of this special edition magazine!!!
Have a groovy day!


I can't wait to read this! I am truly into photo ablum scrapbooking! After taking Stacy Julian's Have more fun class at BPS I have been scrapping so many wonderful pictures/memories in great albums to display on my coffee table and reserving my extra special pictures for layouts. Love the concept!


I love simple.
I love quick.
I love easy.
Sounds like I'll love this book. :)

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